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Body Control, Body Awareness, Technique Object Manipulation, Anticipation and Timing

Presentation outlining positioning of our body parts and the impact this has on movement execution.

Andrew Gibson

on 27 April 2011

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Transcript of Body Control, Body Awareness, Technique Object Manipulation, Anticipation and Timing

Performing sporting movements requires
skill. This level of skill varies between people.
Can you think of why? These reasons are: an individual's size, shape and physical ability. Movement Skill Development Body Control Body Control is the ability to coordinate movements with precision. This will improve as our sensory skills improve. Balance and coordination are components of body control and our ability to maintain or improve these depends upon our level of movement skill. Why do you think this might be so? Movement Skill is the proficiency with which we execute movement in all types of physical activity Body Awareness The ability of the mind to know what is required of the trunk and limbs, and to be conscious of how a movement is being performed. What do the divers in the above clip need to be aware of when performing their dive? How might a person's body shape affect their performance in certain activities? Relate this to body awareness. Some body types are naturally more suited to particular sports. No matter how hard you train and hard your body type might just not be suited to your chosen sport. For example a tall, thinner person has a definite advantage over a a smaller more muscular person in high jump. The smaller more muscular person may however be more suited to discus or sprinting. Technique Technique is the method used to perform a skill. Technique is possibly the most important component involved in skill improvement. As a learner of a skill we need to be conscious of developing a sound technique. What do you think might be some benefits of good technique? Object Manipulation Object Manipulation is the ability to move and control an object. Within your own sports what types of objects are manipulated? What would the affect be if this manipulation is not controlled? A high level of control results in a high level of skill. By repeating a skill during practice we develop our kinaesthetic sense which is the sense that detects movement, body weight and body position. Anticipation and Timing Anticipation is our ability to predict whether a particular action will occur.
Timing is the way in which parts of a movement flow together. Consider how object manipulation and control comes into play here. What requires anticipation and timing in your chosen sports?
Do you strike a ball? do you start at the sound of a gun? Do you need to jump and land? What went wrong? When movement skill is developed and the correct performance of a skill occurs, the skill can appear to be much more appealing to watch. Well performed skills have appeal because all of the different subskills have been put together in a logical and flowing order. If one of these skills is performed poorly the performance of the skill is hampered.
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