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7-Step PLC Reflective Process

No description

Carrie Wilson

on 15 March 2015

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Transcript of 7-Step PLC Reflective Process

7-Step PLC Reflective Process
Carrie Wilson
CUR 550
Professor Jonathon Wennstrom
March 16, 2015
7-Step PLC Reflective Process
Setting the stage for successful group reflection
All the logistics of the meeting must be planned
Where, when, and who will attend the meeting
Agendas, resources, lesson plans all need to be prepared prior to the meeting
Explaining the practice/product selected for group reflection
All team members must have a clear and common understanding of the item being reviewed
There must be sufficient time for team members to be able to ask questions and truly understand the project, lesson, or work sample
Examining the practice/product selected for reflection
Reflective dialogue
Team members must be respectful, but professional critique and ask questions to the teacher about the item being reviewed
Team members discuss what worked, what did not work, what to change, next steps
Team members summarize what happened in the meeting
Acting on what is learned during reflection
A plan is made that will help the teacher move forward to improve their practice or product.
The teacher will implement the plan
Assessing the outcome of the plan
Focus is collective learning
The team will meet again after the recommendations have been put into place
The team should discussed how the changes impacted the students and the teachers
Each team member should share what they learned from the process
Identifying a practice/product for group reflection
Pick a practice or product to analyze collaboratively
A group of teachers can pick the item or the individual teacher
Building community through the cycle of reflection
Community building will be achieved if a list is created of what was learned and shared with the other team members
The other team members should be encouraged to participate in steps 1-6
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