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James Wolfe and Marquis de Montcalm

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Tatjana Cosby

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of James Wolfe and Marquis de Montcalm

James Wolfe And Marquis de Montcalm
Pictures James Wolfe James Wolfe & Marquis de Montcalm Marquis de Montcalm Two Worlds collide
Marquis de Montcalm Battles & Wars Marquis de Montcalm James Wolfe History Battles James Wolfe
1.Born 2 January 1727
2.Born Westerham Kent England
3.Died September 13 1759
4.He was age 32
5.He died and was buried in Quebec new France
6.His years of service were 1740 September 13 to his death in 1759
7.Rink: Major General
8.He was Great Britain Officer

Some of the battles
•Battle of Falkirk
•Battle of Culloden
•Battle of Dettingen
•Battle of Lauffeld
Seven year War
•Raid on Rochefort
•Siege of Louisbourg
•Battle of the plains of Abraham
James was mainly remembered because of his victories over the French and Canada. He was the first son of Lieutenant General, Edward Wolfe, Who was of Irish/ Celtic Origin. Around 1738 the Wolfe family moved to Greenwich England. From his earliest years, Wolfe was destined for a military career. Wolfe's first volunteer for the army was at age 13. Louis-Joseph also called Marquis de Montcalm was best known for being a french solider who was the commander of the forces in North America in the Seven Year War. He was born near Nimes in France to a noble family. He was very young when he first started military life. Louis-Joseph was the son of Marie-Thérèse de Pierre and Louis-Daniel de Montcalm. Louis joined the french army in 1727.
He married to Angelique Louise Talon du Boulay and had a large number of children but only five survived to adulthood. •War of the polish Succession
•Siege of Kehl
•Siege of Philippsburg
War of the Austrian succession
•Siege of Praque
•Battle of Piacenza
•Battle of Assietta
Seven Year War
•Battle of fort Oswego
•Battle of fort Williams Henry
•Battle of Carillon
•Battle of beauport
•Battle of the Plains of Abraham
James Wolfe & Marquis de Montcalm Marquis de Montcalm •He was born February 18 1712
•He was born in Chateau de Candiac, France
•Died September 14, 1759
•He died in Quebec City Quebec
•Years of service 1727 to his death in 1759
•His rank was Major General
•He held one award ( Order of saint Louis)
•His full name was “Louis-Joseph de Montcalm-Gozon, Marquis de Saint-Veran”
James Wolfe and Marquis de Montcalm were on opposing sides for the Conquest of New France, in 1759. James Wolfe leading the British, and Marquis de Montcalm leading the French. Which changed Canada from being colonized from the French to the British. Both leading up to there deaths on the Plains of Abraham. In the end the British won. Two worlds Collide & By Tatjana Cosby
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