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Triple Convergence

No description

Ramez Gabra

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Triple Convergence

The Triple Convergence Background Purpose Statement The purpose of our presentation is to explain the effects of triple convergence. 10 Flatteners 1) Collapse of the Berlin Wall
2) Netscape
3) Workflow Software
4) Open Sourcing
5) Out Sourcing
6) Offshoring
7) Supply Chaining
8) Insourcing
9) Informing
10) The Steroids First Convergence Second Convergence Third Convergence Collapse of the Berlin Wall Netscape Workflow Software Open Sourcing Out Sourcing Offshoring Supply Chaining Informing The Steroids Cloud Storage? The Cloud Cloud Storage
SmartCloud Google
IBM Hosted by Third Parties

Pool of Services What is it? Equal opportunities for all to compete globally

International clientele

Location is not a limitation Third Convergence Greater collaboration amongst industries and lets people share knowledge and work

Multiple users share data

Partners can modify and enhance shared assets

Continuous improvement First Convergence Triple Convergence The Connection Storage, Processing,

SoftwareAccess Anywhere Off-site storage system

Data Servers

Redundancy Summary How Has Triple Convergence Affected You? In Conclusion Its a small world after all Triple Convergence

Ten Flatteners

The cloud Thank You! Second Convergence Enhances productivity, efficiency and horizontal collaboration

Decentralisation of power and control

Leadership is shared among team leaders with most expertise Internet = Flattening the World Internet has facilitated
worldwide communication Allow countries previously disconnected to competition to get involved Background Background The Creation of Internet Collaboration Sharing of Knowledge Global Companies lose Walls floor ceilings

Employees : Vast and global pool of specialist Equal Opportunity to Compete

Enhance Productivity Egypt Saw freedom and opportunity in other countries Communicated with the internet Insourcing It has changed the communication standard because of the cloud
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