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Journey through the fun and adventures of discovering this acient and mystical religion. Learn about the people, places, and rituals. The fun never ends with E-C Learning(c)

chris emilie

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Zoroastrianism

Made in Persia ZOROASTRIANISM Origins Founder Ahura Mazda. Key Beliefs -Prayer and sumbolic ceremonies: FIRE
-Three fold path motto Key practices, rituals or ceremonies 100,000 Zoroastrians today !! # of adherents in the world Major influence it has had on other religions. Religious significance Sacred faith days Zoroastrianism dates back 3000 years
Was founded in ancient Persia (Iran)
Was founded during a time when most religions were polytheistic
It was founded by Zoroaster Zoroastrianism was founded by Zoroaster Zoroaster's life is generally dated between 1700 bce and 600 bce
Legends say his birth was predicted
He grew up in a land where the normal was polytheistic
About age 30 he had a revelation, that there was only one supreme god & influence in the 21st century Many live in western India, and are known as Parsis. He preached his message about this god for the rest of his life Symbols The most important symbol is fire When youth reach a certain age, they receive a woolen belt (kustis) and white shirt (sudreh) Every month of the year is dedicated to a deity, and once a month there is a large feast for that deity At the end of every year there are days dedicated for those whose passed away The new year festival (Noruz) is the largest feast for Zoroastrianism, and is held during spring There is a festival for Mithra, in autumn, and is as big as the new year festival
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