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Geothermal Energy

By: Jesse Stilts Victoria Basal Shar Maread

jesse stilts

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Geothermal Energy

Double click anywhere & add an idea GeoThermal Energy By: Jesse Stilts
Victoria Basil
Shar Maread
Bernard Durant What is Geothermal Energy? The term geothermal comes from the Greek geo, meaning earth, and therine, meaning heat, thus geothermal energy is energy derived from the natural heat of the earth.

Benefits of Geothermal Energy Provides clean and safe energy using little land
Is Renewable and Sustainable
Generates continuous, reliable "baseload" power
Conserves fossil fuels and contributes to diversity in energy sources
Avoids importing and benefits local economies
Offers modular, incremental development and village power to remote sites Disadvantages of Geothermal Energy The Energy is brought up from deep within the earth
To extract the heat we have to find certain hot spots within the earths crust, these are very common around volcanos and fault lines, but who wants to build their geothermal energy plant next to a volcano?
a site that has happily been extracting steam and turning it into power for many years, may suddenly stop producing steam. This can happen and last for around 10 years in some cases.
Who Is using Geothermal power now? Cities
Rural Villages
Power Entire cities
Costs of Geothermal Energy/Power The average cost of a geothermal system is $2,500 per ton of capacity. This makes the final cost of the geothermal heat pump $7,500. Could We use this in Bowling Green? Not Particularly, Unless the city or state spent a ton of money to run pipes into the town. No. small scale, maybe http://www.qualitysmith.com/heating/geothermal-cost
And Google
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