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The Long Rain

No description

vana k

on 16 November 2016

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Transcript of The Long Rain

Point of View
The point of view in "The Long Rain" is from the Lieutenant's perspective: his thoughts and his opinions.

"The lieutenant turned and looked back at the three men using their oars and gritting their teeth. They were as white as mushrooms, as white as he was."

The short story "The Long Rain" by Ray Bradbury takes place on Venus in the future, they land on venus which we havent been able to do yet and discover alien life. Through out the story it rained continuously for it has not stopped for years. The vegetation would die as soon as you pulled it out of the ground and turn to ash and anything that stayed in place for to long would get covered by the vegetation. The sun domes were big buildings placed all over the planet by the government. It was a large surface covered and warmed by a synthetic sun, this dome blocked all rain and heat from the planet itself and was there for protection.
Themes and Symbols
The Long Rain

By; Ray Bradbury

The lieutenant is the protagonist of "The Long Rain" He is the leader and the only survivor of his crew of 3 three men. He is the only one of his crew who survived and made it to the sun dome. It's because he was the only person who had the will to survive, the only one who didn't give into the insanity, and the only person who never gave up even in the situation that he was in.
The Lieutenant and his crew crash-lands on Venus, a planet with harsh weather and environment and the rain never stops
They start looking for a Sun Dome, where there is warm food and shelter from the rain.

Pickard was another member of the Lieutenant's crew. He was one of the first member of the crew to die. He died because Simmons shot him, but he was drove insane by the rain before that happened. When the three men got to the first destroyed sun dome, Pickard gave up hope, and stopped fighting because he thought that all the sun domes would wrecked like first one, and thought there was no point fighting anymore. So he lifted his head towards the sky and he let the rain take him, and Simmons shot him so he wouldn't be a burden.
Simmons, much like Pickard died because he gave up hope, stopped fighting, and didn't want to live in the rain anymore. Once saw the first destroyed sun dome he also thought the rest of Venus would be very similar, so he didn't see the point of living in the constant rain. So he shot himself with his own gun.
Unnamed man
He was another member of the Lieutenant's crew but he died at the beginning of the story in the electrical storm.
• Leuitenant
• Pickard
• Simmons
• Unnamed men
The main themes of this short story are:

• The power of the will to survive: because in this story the characters who had a bigger will to survive are the only ones who can survive

• The struggle of sanity against insanity: because the characters are constantly fighting their insanity and trying to stay sane

• The power of nature: because in this story the constant rain affected the characters in big ways that the readers probably didn't expect
In the short story
The Long Rain" the mood stays mainly the same throughout the whole story. Until the characters start to lose hope and give up. All the characters are glum, unhopeful and in a negative mood except one. The lieutenant keeps a positive mind and stays calm which leads him to happiness in the end. As for the other characters give up and receive a painful endings.
The rain: The never ending rain represents the never ending struggles and hardships in life.

The sun domes: Some people say that the sun dome represents heaven or it could also represent hope, happiness and safety
They find the first sun dome but it was destroyed by the Venusians and offered no protection, so they continue their journey
During their journey two of the three men in their crew died because they were driven insane by the rain, they lose hope and give up
The Lieutenant is the only member of the crew left, he continues with his journey by himself to find the sun dome.
The conflict in the short story "The Long Rain" by ray Bradbury is man vs. nature. The main character the lieutenant goes through many obstacles through out the story. The rain that constantly pours makes him numb, sore and very tired which makes it hard for him to get to the sundome quick and safely.
• In the sun dome its warm, safe and it offers protection from the rain
In the short story "the Long Rain" there is situational irony and verbal irony.

Situational: The audience didn't expect that the constant rain could actually drive someone to the point of insanity, but actually the rain had a big impact on the characters and makes them go insanely mad.

Verbal: When Pickard started to laugh before his death.

Similes and Metaphors
• Even the jungle was an immense cartoon nightmare
• The body was twisted steel, wrapped in burned leather

• They were as white as mushrooms, as white as he was
• They looked like stone fountains frozen in the jungle, issuing forth water from every pore.
• The rocket flashed like a beating gong
•It was as cold as a vault
• He had a face that had once been brown and now the rain had washed it pale, his eyes were as white as his teeth and as was his hair.
• He could see the two other men outlined like logs that had taken themselves velvet coverings of flowers and grass

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