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Copy of Of Mice and Men

No description

maria camacho

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Of Mice and Men

By: Maria C

Major Points From Chapter 5
Lennie was in the barn at the beggining of the chapter. He was with the puppy that Slim had given him. Lennie had killed the puppy with how hard he was petting him. Lennie was mad that the puppy died. He blamed the puppy that George would not let him tend the rabbits. George would have scolded him and told him it was his fault.

Lennie with the puppy
Curley's wife come's in
Curley's wife came in the barn and asked Lennie what he had. She found out it was the dead puppy. She told him not to worry. Lennie kept telling her she should stop talking to him, because George said she just brought trouble. She got mad and told him how she could have been an actress if she would have not married Curley. Then she could have been able to talk to people whenever she wanted too.
Curley's Wifes Hair
Lennie told Curley's wife the reason behind why he touched that girls dress, and that dead mouse. He told her how he likes touching soft things.Cur
ley's wife started talking about how Curleys hair is not soft. Then she talked about how she brushes her's everyday. Curley's wife let Lennie touch her hair since its soft.
Lennie was touching Curely's wifes hair to roughly. So she started to scream at him to stop. Lennie panicked and put his hand over her mouth. She kept moving around trying to get away from him but he ended up snapping her neck, killing her instantly.
Lennie Kills Curley's Wife
Candy finds Curley's Wife
Lennie realized that he had done something bad so he ran to hide in the brush, Just like George told him to. he took the puppy with him thinking it would cause less trouble for him. Candy came in looking for Lennie to talk about the ranch, and found Curley's wife. He realized she was dead and went to get George. George immediately knew it was Lennie who had killed her. He told candy to let him go inside and then go tell the guys otherwise they would have thought it was George's fault too.
Curley came in along with the other guys and found his wife dead. He instantly knew it was Lennie who had killed her. So he told the guys he was going to go kill Lennie. Carlson went to go get his Luger ( a type of gun). Curley told George he had to come with too. Curley knew George would know where Lennie was.
Curley goes after Lennie
There is sexism in Chapter 5 of Mice and Men involving Curleys wife. Back then women couldn't work or say much. This is clearly showed with how the guys treat Curley's wife. Whenever she tries talking to them they always tell her to go away. She is just meant to be in Curleys house and look pretty. "Wha's the matter with me?" she cried. "Ain't i got a right to talk to nobody?" (Pg 87).
Storyline in Chapter 5: Sexism
Figurative Language
Metaphor: "The curls, tiny little sausages, were spread on the hay behind her head, and her lips were parted." (Pg 93)
Simile: "...and her body flopped like a fish." (Pg 91)
Simile: "The hay came down like a mountain slope..." (Pg 89)
Metaphor: "The afternoon sun sliced in through the cracks of the barn walls..." (Pg 84)
Curley's wife displays loneliness when she is not allowed to talk to others. When she started getting mad at Lennie that she wasn't allowed to talk to him, it showed that all she wanted was someone to talk to. "I get lonely," She said. " You can talk to people but i can't talk to nobody but Curley..." (Pg 87).
Themes in Chapter 5 : Loneliness
Lennie loves to pet the rabbits because of how soft they are. The rabbits show the innocence of Lennie. He wants rabbits more than anything to keep petting them. " I like to pet nice things. Once at a fair I seen some of them long-hair rabbits. An' they was nice, you bet..." (Pg 90).
The puppy is a sign of weakness. Seeing as the puppy is very small and Lennie is very strong you can tell something is bound to happen to the puppy. Seeing as Lennie really does loves soft things to death. "why do you got to get killed? You ain't so little as mice." Lennie had said (Pg 85).
Bewildered: Perplexed
ex: "For a moment he seemed bewildered" (Pg 91)
ex: "She consoled him."Don't you worry none. He was jus' a mutt" (Pg 87) Curley 's Wife was talking to Lennie
Consoled: to alleviate or lessen the grief
Earnestly: Showing depths and sincerity of feeling
Ex: "No i ain't" Lennie explained Earnestly". (Pg 90)
Hovered: to keep lingering about
Ex: ...a moment settled and hovered and remained for much more than a moment." (Pg 93)
Wisps : tufts of hay or straw
Ex: "The resting horses nibbled the remaining wisps of hay..." (Pg 84)
Writhed: twist one's body, as from pain
"Her feet batteredon the hay and she writhed to be free; " (Pg 91)
Of Mice and Men
Chapter 5

Symbols in Chapter 5
Violence is shown in other parts of the book too. But in this chapter we read about the violence Lennie had when he panics. he Killed Curleys wife. When Curley came in and found his wife dead. he payed more attention to the fact that he wanted to kill Lennie then that his wife was murdered. "...I'll shoot 'im in the guts..." (Pg 96).
Vocabulary scramble
Try to unscramble the words. i will give you hints by using examples or defenitions
Also stands for tufts of hay or straw.

What is the word scrambled above???
This word is used when something keeps lingering about.
what do you
think it is?
When you lessen someone's grief, you ________ them.
To be Perplexed also means to be __________.
Defenition: Twists one's body, as from pain
Defenition: Showing depth and sincerity of feeling.

Ex: i have been ______ longing for this chance to perform.
Answer key
1. wisps
4. bewildered
5. writhed
6. earnestly
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