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Accounting Softwares

Bianca Oh

on 21 November 2012

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Accounting Softwares By :
Bianca Ochoa, Jessica Moreno, Claudia Alanis & Janie Ibarra Insurance Billing Medisoft Advanced: Easy to Learn & Use -Search to quickly find patients, procedures, diagnoses, insurance carriers, or other information stored in the program.
-Pop-up code entry windows for setting up or correcting patients, procedures, diagnoses, insurance carriers, and more are available anywhere a code is needed.
- Pop-up help windows explain every screen in the program Medisoft Software integrates accounts receivable, insurance billing, and practice management software designed to be used by any type of healthcare practice and billing service companies. It eases a healthcare practice’s patient accounting chores as well as provides precise information to aid in a more effective management of a practice. HIPPA Ready

Auto Log Off automatically logs off any user that has been idle. This limits unauthorized access to patient and provider information in Medisoft.

The Warn on Unapproved Codes feature displays a warning when a procedure or diagnosis code you have entered is not set up as HIPAA compliant.

HIPAA unique identifiers that may later be required have been added to data set up for functions that may require HIPAA protection. These identifiers include NPI, National Provider Identification; EIN, Employer Identification Number; Patient Identifier; and Health Plan. Managed Care is Made Manageable
- Medisoft Advanced tracks the number of visits allowed and the number of visits used in a treatment series.
-Visit information displays on the transaction entry screen and may be printed on insurance claims, statements and reports.
-Handles PPO patients with a fixed amount co-payment easily and efficiently. Simplifies Accounting - Offers open line accounting and the payment application that matches payments with individual charges.

-The on-screen ledger & transaction window allows a quicker and easier review of the patient's account

- Allows the use of multiple fee schedules that can store and recall 26 prices for each procedure.

-Patient and insurance aging reports reflect past due patient and insurance payments . Practice Management is More Effective Combining rapid return on investment with more cost-effective healthcare Microsoft Dynamics GP can play a key role in helping healthcare providing achieve Collaborative Health.

This program integrates highly extensible financial and business management solutions.
It provides the tools and infrastructure healthcare organizations need to transform the way they record, track, and access critical business information. It is easy to deploy and configure, and with its modular approach you can license only the functions you currently need, with the option of adding users and additional capabilities in the future.

Secure access with a  convenient single sign-on capability

Improved employee satisfaction and empowering employees to update and maintain benefit information ‘on demand’ such as viewing benefit enrollment, adding dependants, submitting address changes, viewing paystubs, and submitting vacation request.

Reduced costs and time to respond through uses of technology to integrate data and handle workflow rules.

Multiple Open enrollment periods can be facilitated through portals by providing employees with current enrollment benefits and providing options to choose and validate missing or incomplete information.

Automated approval workflow handling and tracking the status of requests submitted

Employees can analyze financial data by whatever criteria they require while the company gains an accounting solution that reflects changes instantaneously. Easy Use & Benefits Microsoft Dynamics GP financial modules
for healthcare providers include: General Ledger: The central nervous system for financial processes, the Microsoft Dynamics GP General Ledger module offers strong financial controls and audit trails, the ability to drill down form summary information to the corresponding details, and unit accounts for tracking non-financial statistical data. It also provides the flexibility to adapt to changing needs along with new process controls to ensure accuracy and consistency. FRx Forecaster module is a web-based tool for creating and managing budgets and forecasts at any level. It allows healthcare providers to shorten the budget cycle and generate more accurate financial forecasts. Highlights include automated workflow and planning coordination based on user-defined roles and rules. Microsoft Dynamics GP financial modules
continued. The Accounts Payable module enables healthcare providers to track and analyze extensive vendor information, efficiently process payables, and make the most of vendor discounts while maximizing cash flow. Healthcare administrators have instant access to all vendor history including checks, invoices and purchase orders. Microsoft Dynamics GP is also an ideal choice for integrated healthcare delivery systems that need to find a more cost-effective way to standardize and exchange financial information between their entities. It as well provides detailed financial management options that range from general ledger, accounts payable and accounts receivable modules to bank reporting, cash flow management and easy reconciliation. The Fixed Assets Module provides features to record, track and report on capital assets. It includes unlimited books to help track assets for corportate, federal tax, alternative minimum tax, adjusted current earnings and integration with Accounts Payable and Purchase Order Processing. Payroll & Human Resources
Management The Payroll Module delivers the features, control and security needed to manage sensitive payroll information. Direct deposit processing streamlines salary disbursement, reducing costs and enhancing security. It offers seamless integration with the Human Resources, unlimited pay types, automatic calculation of shift differentials, unlimited deductions and benefits, on-screen inquiries, drill-down capabilities, unlimited pay history and automatic tax updates. Human Resources Module: Designed to address attracting and retaining motivated employees by providing the ability to track an applicant's references, education, skills and interview information. It as well provides tools to track everything from any employee's demographic information to attendance, benefits enrollment and status, pay history inquiries, employee profile review and updates and skills and training information. HRM Self Service Suite : Enables health care organizations to empower managers & employers & reduce administrative costs, all in a more secure environment. It is easily customizable and is a browser- based application that includes self-service functionality for managers and employees regarding their pay history, benefits, skills and training. Cost of the Program Under the current Business Ready Licensing model, companies can buy just 1 user of Microsoft Dynamics GP for $2,250 (Business Essentials Edition) or $3,980 (Advanced Management Edition). This is not just for small companies. (For example, our company works with many good size VNA firms using Dynamics GP who only need one or two GP licenses as all the rest of their operations are run by a healthcare-specific software that integrates with Dynamics GP.) The practice analysis report guides and informs, with information on procedures performed, payments received, and accounts adjusted for any period including a day, month, or year.
When a practice depends on referred patients, the patient referral report pinpoints these important sources of revenue.
Scheduling appointments is made easy with Office Hours, the patient scheduling program included with Medisoft Advanced. Practice Management Continued - Scheduling patient recall reminders for one visit or a series of visits needed for tasks like calendaring a child's immunization schedule is easy with the recall system.

-Patients can be informed of recall appointments with custom-designed post cards, or recall information may be exported for use in letters from your word processor.

-Billing information is secure in Medisoft Advanced Powerful security which is built into the program to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. Office managers can easily review changed or deleted billing data on the audit report.

- An extra user-defined screen of patient information is available for tracking special information like immunizations, prescription medication or research data Insurance Billing -Stores information for billing virtually every type of health insurance including private commercial insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, CHAMPUS, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, worker's compensation, auto insurance for personal injury cases, and many others.
- Prints CMS-1500 insurance claim forms. Custom claim forms are easily created with the report designer.
-Software updates to meet new insurance carrier requirements are readily available.
- The billing payment status report makes it easy to track down claims that have not been sent to insurance carriers.
Insurance billing stays timely and accurate.
- Turn up your cash flow with electronic claim submission. Using a clearing house can prevent errors, reduce rejections and shorten payment times. Depending on the location of your practice, claims for Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and commercial insurance may be submitted through a clearing house.
(Medisoft Advanced is compatible with Medisoft Electronic Claims Direct software to send electronic claims directly to selected insurance carriers) Software Specifics 3 Model Types of Medisoft: Basic, Advanced & NetPro and Several Versions 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18 Cost:
Software is sold per license. Microsoft Advanced is $994 dollars for a single computer. If your business runs a network/data base the price begins at $3,298 including 2 licenses and the price increases $150.00 per additional license required.

Support : $1,450 per year or $100 per hour

Additional Services such as Revenue Management or Office Hours Professional are additional costs ranging per user : $199 for each user regarding Revenue Management & $599 for each Office Hours Professional license. Additional maintenance fees are applicable. Medisoft Clinical (EHR) can be added to Advanced or Netpro. Healthcare Edition makes it easy to get a handle on your costs and revenue with 11 customized reports designed specifically for the healthcare industry. With one click in the Healthcare Report Center, you get instant insight into your costs. You'll see how they break down by doctor, location or procedure, so you can proactively address cost drains and increase profitability. Healthcare Specific Reports Healthcare reports include:
• Practice profitability by doctor, location or procedure
• Practice profitability graph by doctor, location or procedure
• Expenses by doctor, location or procedure
• Checks written
• Past-due invoices
• Summary of charges by service, procedure or product
• Summary of receipts by service, procedure or product
• Collections
• Balance sheet
• Sales graph
• Employee Time Tracking
Click a button and Healthcare Edition creates a complete, realistic budget or forecast based on your previous year's actual QuickBooks data. Editing your budget is easier too, you can adjust an entire row by a given percentage all at once. You can set up and track budgets by doctor, location or procedure. Later, you can instantly compare your actual spending against your goals and make changes as needed.

It's easier to track employee hours by week with easier timesheet access and a new report that organizes information the way you need to see it. Improved Budgeting Easier Time Tracking More Flexible Password Protection With Healthcare Edition, you can set up password access to key areas, including accounts payable, time tracking & payroll, financial reports, transaction modification, and more. You can allow or deny access by employee and area. You can also review and edit permissions for the entire staff from a single screen, making it easy to maintain control in response to changing circumstances. Healthcare Navigator, Menu And Icon Bars Healthcare Navigator displays a flowchart of your daily tasks represented as icons. One click on an icon gives you instant access to the functions you use most, like entering bills; making deposits; paying employees; issuing patient refunds; and more. Click the "Enter Bills" icon to record practice expenses. Click "Pay Employees" to do your payroll. You get step-by-step guidance for each function. In addition, you get one-click desktop access to your memorized healthcare reports and to healthcare-specific Help Topics. The healthcare-specific functions are also listed in a single pull-down menu available from anywhere in QuickBooks. Functions & Ease of Use Customizes Itself To Your Type Of Practice If you're new to QuickBooks, or if you want to "start fresh" to take advantage of all the healthcare-specific features instead of importing your existing data, Healthcare Edition customizes itself for you. During setup, just select your specialty: medical doctor, dentist, chiropractor, veterinarian, optometrist, or mental health provider. The software then automatically sets up your file with an appropriate chart of accounts, class lists, reports and preferences. It even includes a customized statement in case you plan to use QuickBooks to bill your patients. Healthcare-specific Help Topics and Sample File A Healthcare Help button gives instant access to over 30 healthcare-specific topics. QuickBooks for Medical Offices topics include customizing QuickBooks for specific types of healthcare practices, integrating QuickBooks with patient billing systems, tracking services and procedures, handling patient refunds, and more. A sample file with two years of fictional data shows the ideas in action and lets you freely experiment without worry. Healthcare Help is provided in addition to the standard QuickBooks help and is available from the Healthcare Navigator, the Healthcare Menu, or through the standard QuickBooks Help command. New Chart of Accounts Find out exactly where you're making or losing money by assigning revenue and expenses to accounts that are precisely relevant to your practice. Minimize the need to pay consultants to set up QuickBooks for your practice. Healthcare Edition does it for you, just choose your type of practice during setup, and Healthcare Edition installs the specific chart of accounts appropriate for your specialty.

The Healthcare Edition even includes chart of accounts developed by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) and American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). Just assign each transaction to the relevant account and class – such as X-ray, Elm St. Office – and your financial reports will give you a more detailed picture than ever before so you can manage your practice more effectively QuickBooks® Integration for Home Healthcare Companies Home Healthcare services use the route optimization features in Smart Service to reduce fuel costs and increase revenues on each route which assists in growth and efficiency in your company.Smart Service™ home healthcare service software is fully integrated with QuickBooks® and :
-Reduces costs of double data entry.
- Allows you to track actual job times for each of your home healthcare service stops.
-It allows home healthcare businesses to choose the most efficient time to schedule your home healthcare patient services with the Smart Find features. Once you choose a suitable time setting up service times is a simple click of a button. Never miss your home healthcare services and build efficient routes.
- Or track the location of each of your healthcare employees in the field. Quickly choose which healthcare employee is best able to service the patient and dispatch them with a text message to a cell phone. (You can also use our Fleet module to dispatch services live to a laptop in the vehicle.)
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