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Feudalism is Bad

No description

Hermione Granger

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Feudalism is Bad

Thanks for watching!
Feudalism: A Bad System
By: Ashley Nguyen, Lilian Belovsky, Kelly Kwon =^ u ^=

Feudalism was bad for European society because it provided unity and security in some areas, but it usually didn't have enough strength to unite larger regions or countries. Smaller governments couldn't afford big projects, like aqueducts, sewers, or ships, that could benefit society. Although feudalism protected Europe from outside invaders, it could not protect Europe from internal wars. Many lords or vassals placed personal interests over the best interests of the land they ruled. They also had complete power over local areas, which meant that they could make harsh demands of their vassals and peasants.
Peasants/serfs in medieval Europe generally disliked feudalism. They were not treated equally, and they could not move up in society. If a person was born a serf, they would stay a serf for the rest of their lives. Most peasants were serfs, so they weren't allowed to leave their lord's lands. They also needed permission to do daily activities or even move out of their lands. Lords had almost total control over their serfs. Serf life was very restricted due to Feudalism.
Ashley Nguyen
Lilian Belovsky
Kelly Kwon
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