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A Hero's Journey: Apostasis

No description

Michaela Mann

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of A Hero's Journey: Apostasis

A Hero's Journey: Apostasis
The Walking Dead: Season 3-4
By: Michaela Mann
In this stage of A Hero's Journey, the hero dies a physical or spiritual death. After this death happens the hero usually comes back stronger and even more confident which then makes them more determined to complete their journey.
Importance of the stage
Apostasis is important to the rest of the cycle because by this stage the hero is getting tired and is slowing down and after they die this spiritual or physical death, they come back stronger than ever and the story speeds back up again and the hero can proceed onto The Ultimate Boon without hesitation.
In season 3 of The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes' wife Lori dies. After she dies a physical death, Rick Grimes being the hero of the story experiences a spiritual death. He is then very tired and worn out throughout a few of the episodes. This being because of the death of his wife. After he and the rest of the group begin to build a better foundation for the prison that they live in, Rick is reborn. He is able to come back and move on from the death of his wife. He is then able to fight off walkers and the Governor and is stronger than he has ever been before in the 4th. season.
This is from one of the scenes where Rick began to break down and enter the Apostasis stage
The Nightmare Before Christmas
In this movie, Jack Skellington is the hero. He falls into a tree that sends him to Christmas town. He then captures Santa Claus and dresses up like Santa and delivers presents. Since the presents are from Halloween town, they are all evil. They begin to jump out and scare the children and Jack realizes what he did. When he crashes in the graveyard, he dies a spiritual death. This can be verified because he begins to sing a sad song but then talks to Zero, his dog, and is more lively. He goes back to Halloween town, battles The Boogie Man and saves Santa which then saves Christmas.
The scene where Jack enters the Apostasis stage and experiences spiritual death
The Hunger Games
In the Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen is good friends with a little girl name Rue. Rue is then hit with a spear and Katniss finds her before she dies a physical death. After this happens Katniss is very sad but then Rue tells her she has to win and Katniss is reborn. She comes back strong and eventually wins The Hunger Games. This scene is the Apostasis stage because even though the hero didn't die, someone close to them did. After this happened the hero did become strong, the story sped back up, and they were able to accomplish what they were going for.
The scene where Rue dies and is talking to Katniss
In this movie, Columbus is pretty much in love with Witchita and she likes him too. She leaves when they are at Bill Murray's house because she is getting attached to Columbus and is on her way to Pacific Play land. Columbus then dies a spiritual death because he likes her. He is then reborn and goes to Pacific Play land to get her but it is over run with zombies. This stage represents Apostasis because Columbus is very disappointed but comes back strong to go do what he planned to do at the start.
Columbus and Witchita at Pacific Playland
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