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Natural and Organic cosmetics

No description

Kana Muto

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Natural and Organic cosmetics

What is Natural and Organic? Natural Background Prehistory Make a right choice! Natural Responses from society W: Domestic products Revealing the vital fact about cosmetics Organic Chemical 19th/ 20th Centuries Presently Choice is
Safe and Healthy " " the beginning of skincare = NATURAL Development <Magic> <Protection> Thank you! by Kana Muto The Story of Cosmetics organic
materials Organic Influences on society Business Standards Labeling CERTIFIED ORGANIC BODY INTENSIVE
Name Explanation
1 Proprietary blend of organic native Australian distilled herbal extracts A proprietary blend of organic native Australian distilled herbal extracts
2 Organic Safflower oil Cold-pressed from organic safflower seeds
3 Purified Water
Purified Water
4 Organic Avocado oil Cold-pressed from organic avocado fruit
5 Organic Cocoa butter From organic cocoa beans
6 Non-GMO Lecithin From non-genetically modified soybean oil
7 Organic Sugar-Cane Ethanol From organic sugar
8 Organic Unrefined Beeswax From organic beehives
9 Lime Cold pressed from the skin of organic limes
10 D-Panthenol (pro-vit b5) A precursor to vitamin B5
11 Olive extract From olive leaves
12 Grapefruit extract From grapefruit seeds
13 Sclerotium gum A natural gum
14 Organic orange Cold-pressed from organic orange peel
15 Vanilla extract From natural vanilla beans "Everything" 95% stakeholders No legal definition No unification in the word Yes Voluntary " New opportunity " Natural and Organic = <Yes> <No> Veiled ad " Low add cost "
High product全成分表示法on cost 2001 Zenseibunhyouzihou <Before> Japan Only dangerous
ingredients <Present> All The hidden Label "I am natural!"
by product All: No, Same W: Expensive! M: I am man! W: Effective one! M: difficulty
of shopping Organic Effective one *Education
*make standard Technology Fuel-based disease
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