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Week 6 Lesson 1: The Provisional Government

No description

Liam Brooks

on 15 March 2017

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Transcript of Week 6 Lesson 1: The Provisional Government

Week 6 Lesson 1

The Provisional Government.

LI: To understand the key challenges faced by the Provisional Government in consolidating power and maintaining order and authority.

SC: Students will be able to explain key economic, military, political, and social challenges faced by the Provisional Government.
Short video: Challenges faced by the Provisional Government
***11:00 - 14:25
Experts present on their topic to their home group

1. Dual power
2. Continuing the war effort
3. The June Offensive
4. Food, land and industrial problems
5. Foreign Minister Miliukov's reflections on the Provisional Government
Jigsaw activity
1. Each person will be given a number from 1-5. You will start in a
'home group
' of five people (all the 1's together, all the 2's together etc..

2. Each person in the home group will then be given a letter from A-E.

3. All the A's, B's C's etc will get together in a
new 'expert table group'
. This
new expert table group
will study, discuss and write answers for the same topic and source.

4. Each person will write down their own answers.

5. We will have 20 minutes.

6. Then students return to their home group. Each student will present their answers on their topic to their home group.

Overview reading: Dual power
Recap: The February Revolution - Jumbled timelines
1. Working in pairs.

2. No books or internet allowed!

3. Put the events into chronological order.

4. We have 10 minutes.

5. Discussion to follow
Week 6 Lesson 1: The Provisional Government.

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