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Social Media Marketing

Just the Basics Seminar

Darlene Cohn

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing: Just the Basics
What Is Social Marketing?
It helps to have a plan!
Create a calendar and mark when you plan to post and what you plan to post about.
Keep an eye on user response, and tweak your plan to make the most of what's working.
Why Use Social Media Marketing?
Social marketing includes Websites, Blogs, Email Blasts, Newsletters, Event Calendars, Social Media, Networking, and more.
Social Marketing is NOT Free.
Social Marketing is NOT Easy.
Social Marketing shouldn't be your only marketing tool.
Social Marketing is Interactive.
Social Marketing is Dynamic.
Social Marketing is Powerful.
How Do I Know What Kind of Social Media Marketing I Need?
Who are you trying to reach?
Where Do I Start?
1. A Website
2. Almost certainly, Facebook.
What Next?
Be Realistic about the Time and Money involved. Social Media Marketing is not free. It takes time to strategize and create effective posts, and there's a learning curve for newbies. Once your page is set up, budget 6-8 hours a week of social media time while you're learning.
Be Patient. Very little "goes viral." It takes time to build an Internet following.
Analyze the data gathered by Facebook Insights and use it to your benefit.
Once you've mastered Facebook, expand! (I recommend you move on to Google+ next!)
91% of U.S. adults use the Internet to search for information. (1)
Facebook averages 1.15 billion monthly active users. (2)
72% of all U.S. adults use social networking sites. (1)
89% of U.S. adults 18-29 use social networking sites. (1)
43% of U.S. adults 65+ use social networking sites. (1)
74% of women and 70 % of men use social networking sites. (1)
18% of Internet users are on Twitter, with nearly equal numbers of men and women, largely 18-29 years old. (1)
56% of U.S. adults own a smartphone. (1)

The top two benefits of social media marketing are increasing exposure and increasing traffic. Avoiding social media marketing means missing a huge opportunity to connect with an immense audience. (3)
Facebook is the most popular social media platform and has integrated powerful new search features.
LinkedIn is a professional community, with an audience of educated, experienced adults.
Twitter is used by a far smaller percentage of Internet users, mostly in the 18-29 range, but has the unique ability to spread information instantly.
Google+ isn't used as widely yet, but because Google is a search engine, an active Google+ page can lead to increased website traffic.
There are many other social media platforms, each of which has unique features and draws a specific demographic.
It's not hard to set up a Facebook business page, but remember you are representing your business or organization.

Take the time to fill out all of the boxes on the info page.
Supply both a cover image and a profile image that represent your organization. Make sure they fit.
Use conventional grammar and spelling.
Post regularly -- not necessarily every day, but at least twice a week. A "dead" page is worse than no page at all.
Keep the posts relevant to your business -- not personal, unless that's appropriate.
Use images whenever possible.
Keep posts as short as possible.
Network! "Like" other businesses and organizations, and share their posts.
Remember to maintain professional customer service protocol when interacting with clients on Facebook.
Be yourself! Have a personality! Be creative! Have FUN!
1. Why should I use social media if I already have a website?
2. How do I know if it's working?
3. How do I get more Likes?
4. Should I use Facebook ads or Promote my posts?
5. What do I do if someone badmouths my business or complains online?
1. Pew Internet and American Life Research Project. http://www.pewinternet.org/

2. Facebook Newsroom. "Key Facts."

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