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Ottawa, Ontario

No description

Brooklyn James

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of Ottawa, Ontario

45.4214° N, 75.6919° W
The first settlement around Ottawa was settled by Philemon Wright
Landform and Vegetation Regions
Ottawa's area is 2796 square kilometers. Ottawa is located in the Mixedwood Plains Ecozone and the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Lowlands. The landform in Ottawa is flat with rolling hills. Spruce, pine, oak and birch are some trees found in this vegetation region.
The average temperature in Ottawa is 20°C with a temperature range of 45°C The Elevation of Ottawa is 230ft. Unlike many of Ontario's cities, Ottawa does not sit on the shores of Lake Ontario resulting in higher summer temperatures. This also increases the harshness of winters. Ottawa's climate is semi-continental meaning their temperature range is greater.
People and Cultural Cross-Section
The population of Ottawa is about 870 250 people. In Ottawa you can find many bilingual people speaking English and French, as it is near the Québec border. French-Canadians are a very popular ethnic group in Ottawa as well as all over Canada.
One main industry of Ottawa is high tech. High tech is 18.9% of the total GDP. Another major industry is government. Ottawa is home to the Parliament Buildings which is where the Canadian government is based. The Parliament Buildings can also bring many tourists. This brings me to Tourism, which is another main industry of Ottawa.
Environmental Concerns
Late summer in 2009 about 320 Olympic sized swimming pools worth of sewage and storm water overflowed into the Ottawa River. This caused all Ottawa beaches to be closed during the Summer as the E.coli levels were too high for a safe swim. In order to fix this problem, the city of Ottawa has been upgrading their sewer systems as overflows aren't "new" for Ottawa.
Ottawa, Ontario
Geography CCT
Ottawa is located in South East, Ontario. It can be found in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Lowlands land form region. One major land mark in Ottawa is the Parliament Buildings.
Map of Ottawa
Map of Canada
Map of Ontario
1848 - The establishment of Saint Josephs College
Becomes the University of Ottawa in 1865
1857 - Ottawa is chosen as the Capital of Canada
Queen Victoria decides the day before Ottawa's 3rd birthday that Ottawa will be the capital of Canada
1857 to 1876 - Construction of Parliament Hill
December 20th 1859, ground is broken to begin the construction of Parliament Hill
Took 17 years to complete the 3 buildings
1979 - The city of Kanata is created
Bridlewood is annexed and most of March Township becomes Kanata
Landform Regions
Vegetation Regions
Rideau Canal in the Summer
Rideau Canal in the Winter
Rideau Canal
Parliament Hill
Push and Pull Factors
Many tourists
Ethnically diverse
Government based (depends)
Government based
Good employment
Welcome To
Major Historic Events
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