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My Grandma's memories from Apollo 11

No description

Natalie Dykes

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of My Grandma's memories from Apollo 11

My interview with my Grandma on the Apollo 11 landing
By Natalie Dykes
. she was 32 at the time. .She was a bit curious about some things that she did not knowand she was only a little bit interested
MacBook Pro
I will be interviewing my grandmother, Today she is 74 years-old.She is tall & has short hair. She was very excited about the moon landing because they knew that what they would come back with would be interesting she was very amazed and has remembered the events that had happened on that day and I'll be interviewing her for my presentaion
This is a picture of my grandmother today
My Grandmother was 32 at the time,She said it was the talk of the town and she discussed it with her friends and family.
Notes App
She was taking care of 3 children David,John and Claire
For watching my presentation!!! I hope you enjoyed it!!!
She has 3 grandchildren Me my sister Saskia and my cousin Eleanor
.She was living in the country side in Essex at the time
.She was updated with the radio,not as much on the television.
.She was for it because it was prgressing in life
3 2 1 GO!!!
"I was always convinced it was real and that what they would come back would be very intresting and would hold things we have never seen before"
"Valerie Dykes"

(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
ESSEX (Where my Grandma Lives still today.)
Blast off!!!
(cc) image by quoimedia on Flickr
"It was such an amazing journey for them to have a man on the moon,such an acomplishment!"
"my family and I were very concered about if they were going to make it or not because one small thing could ruin everything!"
Today my Grandmother lives with her dog Josie and Sara,My cousins dog. She does not have a job and loves company.
Thanks to...
And of course...
My grandmother for letting me interview her.
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