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Networks of Exchange

No description

Lauren Katz

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Networks of Exchange

NETWORKS OF EXCHANGE The Crusades During the Cursades, the conflict between the christian and Dar-al-Islam, many things transpired. the muslims spreds out of the east ans chirstans out of europe.The two different religions caused wars to arised, but they still learned alot from each other such as the christians learned the Arabic number system and the musliums taught them how to deal money with money as well. Silk Road the silk road strectched across europe,middle east, and Asia.linking people from all over the known world. this allowed them to interact with other cultures and learn new beliefs. Trans-Saharan Trade Route Life on the Silk Road was tough. the silk road was long with many rivers and mountians in between point A to point B and possibly robbers trying to take your goods.Many travelers would meet merchants along there way and traded for what they needed It is a trade route connecting West Africa to Europe.The Western kingdoms of Africa such as Ghana,Mali,and Songhay traded salt and gold which where natural resources to their country.These Kingdoms went to Eygpt where other merchants would pass it on to Europe and the Middle East. Kush Empire The Kush Empire is located in Africa on the Nile. Where they lived was also called Land of Gold. they also they also had a lot of iron. The Kush had an agreement to trade their iron and gold to Eygpt for things like cotton. Eygt then traded it to Europe and the rest of the world. Parthian/Sassanid Axum The Axum Empire traded ivory,animal skins,and rhino horns for wine, olive oil,and iron with India,and Eygpt.They were able to trade with the Romans by the Red Sea and other bodies of water. This Empire was located in the Middle East. It was part of the Silk Road as a link betwewn Europe, Asia, and Africa. So many of the goods that went to Asia from Europe went through Parthian. Mongol Empire The Mongols Used trade to recive the goods they need,like grain and tools.Mongols traded with China And India. Zheng He He was an explorer fleet admorial and a diplomat. we went on several navy expeditions and helped Yuanzheng defeat Yuan dynasty and was rewarded as a goverment offical.
On his naval expeditions we went to Europe, the MIddle East and Africa. where he spread Chinese culture to other parts of the world and brought back other goods aon different traditions Oceania The Polynesians used canoes to interact with others across the Pacfic ocean. they would trade goods from New Zeland, South Asia to Easter Island Research shows that Polynesians origns are south east asia.Starting in areas like Taiwan and spreading to places like Samoa. since the Oceania Culture is mad up of many islands the Polynesians became very good at navigating the waters between the Islands. The network they used was of sea trading. so they helped other Empires travel which brought different goods to different people Population During 300CE-1500CE the population grew.The Silk Road and the Trans Saharan trade routes help population grow by letting people trade to get thing they could not produce themselves. Which also allowed them to expand to other areas in the world and still let them trade with the trade routes
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