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Lamborghini Reventon

No description

tyshae hawkins

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Lamborghini Reventon

Feature 5:
Feature 6:
Feature 1:
It is mainly made for people who like sports and have no kids
Feature 4:
Its is very expensive so the only people who are able to buy it is wealthy people.
feature 2:
The car includes three LCD’s in it. One is on the middle of dash board and rest of the two are positioned at the side of dash board. There are two automatic airbags in the car, for the safety of driver and another for the safety of the person sitting right next to driver.
Feature 3:
Lamborghini Reventon
For cops when they are chasing someone. they can easily catch them withing 2-3 minutes. their speed is 205 mph.
It is very nice to have people look at your car when riding by. I mean who wouldn't want this car.
Safety will always be first, So they have safe guard breaks which means as soon as you press on that pedal it will stop.
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