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Big 5 Sporting Goods

No description

Rachel Siguenza

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of Big 5 Sporting Goods

Big 5 Sporting Goods
Regional Risks
Weather conditions
Power outages
Earthquakes and other natural disasters
Create an application

1. The cost.
2. The strategy
3. The membership

The cost
Developing an application on smart phones will cost the company $8000 - $50.000.
Hiring efficient staff to manage the application and communicate with the customers.

The membership
- Special offers and coupons for customers who apply for memberships.

- Earn rewards with every purchase.

- Special services for members
Wider customer base
Variety of products
Increase market share
Brand image
SWOT Analysis
Geographic Expansion
Big 5's Financial Performance
Mission Statement
We at Big 5 have developed a reputation with the competitive and recreational sports enthusiast as a convenient neighborhood sporting goods store that consistently delivers value on quality merchandise.
Vision Statement
Big 5 Sporting Goods Corporation's strategy is to continue to open smaller stores in small towns and big cities that won't support the type of superstores operated by its competitors.
Strong marketing skills
Low cost structure
Smaller stores
Stores only located in west coast
Weak digital advertising
Inventory planning
Geographic expansion of stores
Enhance digital advertising
More diverse merchandise
Online retail
Seasonal demand
What are ways to improve the company to generate success and sustainability?
Big 5 currently operates 429 stores in 12 states
49% of the stores in California
Other locations include:
Benefits of East Coast Expansion
Building an application for online shopping
is a great idea to reach to the people easily.
Increase Digital Marketing
Create an application
Partner with "Go Digital"
Big 5 vs Dick's Sporting Goods Revenue
Big 5
The Strategy
Vision Statement
Maintain smaller stores
Continue the neighborhood approach
Improve customer service
In & out shopping
G/O Digital Expansion
Create remarkable content
spread in the social media to reach everyone
Our Mission
Share the stores value, service, and integrity with consumers
To become their most convenient sporting goods store in the neighborhood
To bring a competitive and recreational sports enthusiast to the east
To consistently deliver value on quality merchandise for cheaper prices

What is G/O Digital?
G/O Digital is a digital marketing company that helps businesses big and small compete in the local marketing competition.
"Think digitally, act locally"
"Whether you’re a big brand marketer or local business owner, we deliver a simple suite of digital marketing solutions to connect with consumers locally in a meaningful, personal way that drives measurable results."
Clear marketing plan
Why G/O Digital?
Delivers "personalized" local advertising
Expanding in the East Coast
Strong marketing skills
Increase our Social Media presence
Turn around our digital marketing
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