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Ireland Short of Water, or Short of Money?

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Ayanna Pardieck

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Ireland Short of Water, or Short of Money?

Ireland Short of Water, Or Short of Money? Ireland is facing problems with their water . The people in Ireland are wasting too much water so the government has to spend over 1billion euros per year. If they carry on wasting water they will spend more over the next few years. People are running their water for days ,in the winter, so the pipes won't freeze but, what did happen was the pipes dried up. Another reason that the water has been used up, is due to the leaky pipes on the way to the homes. The government wants to put in *meters so they can make sure that people will use less water. But, meters cost a lot of money to install them for everyone in Ireland, and then they would also have to pay for the water. It seems like other European countries are having trouble with conserving water also. Germany and Austrailia are "complaining" that they have to pay too much money to get their water. This relates to our lives because before we know it we might have problems like the people in Ireland are having. We are already in a depression so any day now we might not have enough money to pay for our own water. * Meters-They are "tanks"of water that have a certain amount of hot water in them so you can only have so much hot water. Even though Ireland is surrounded by water, the water costs a lot to be filtered and sent to peoples' homes. For that reason the government has been calling it a water shortage, because it is so hard to pay for the water. If the people in Ireland use more and more water for careless reasons then they eventually will come to a time when they can't pay for their water anymore.
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