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The death penalty is necessary to deter crime.

Stephanie Flecha

on 9 May 2010

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Transcript of Defense

DEFENSE: The death penalty is necessary to deter crime 1978: after released from parole, 6% convict murder again Out of 52,000 prison inmates serving time for murder, 810 are serving a second time. Total Number of lives taken the second time? 821. Executing these inmates = save 821 lives 9-15% of people on death row had atleast 1 additional murder prior to the current one(s). States with no death penalty and only LWOP:
Inmates kill numerous people in prison - punishment cant be increased, so they are never punished 99.9% of all convicted capital murderers argue for life, not death

make death penalty real

probability rises fear of punishment rise

& "what we fear most deters the most"
criminals believed captial punishment was enough deterrent to prevent them/others from murdering their victims at a 5:1 ratio 14 nations abolished death
penalty = murder rate increase 7% Houston, TX = most exectutions

greatest in murder
decrease 63% ! Lets ask ourselves these questions: spend millions on fighting legal execution? fight to end inhumane parole/probation? SHOULD WE... OR after release = 13,200 murders
12,900 rapes NEXT QUESTION! Should we... violate the human rights of victims/future
victims by letting a murderer live? the TRUE MORAL question is... should we... Spare the lives of murderers & sacrafice the lives of the innocent? OR Execute those murderers & spare the lives of the innocent? save thousands of innocent people
at the expense of a murderer's life. morally RIGHT decision Why would criminals engage in more illegal activity if the punishment was more severe? keep capital punishment deter crime save innocent lives
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