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Copyright the fun(ky) way

Updated for a 1:1 environment

Mr Laleman L

on 21 March 2015

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Transcript of Copyright the fun(ky) way

Copyright Awareness
(ky) way
Wouter Laleman

A newer approach:
Wordless Picture Book Music Video
Copyright and Fair Use :
Get your Dirty Boots on
Dianne MacKenzie. Digital image. Web. <http://www.discovery.edu.hk/cms/images/qcontact_images/2010_dme.jpg>.
What is Workable?
Traditional Example
The User's Side of Copyright
The Creator's Side of Copyright
The creative process
The fun part
It's good to ask permission before using someone's work or art

Authors / illustrators do not always own the rights to the work they produced

The company who owns the rights can sometimes sell the work without asking the person who made it

Many authors are really nice people and they love to hear from the kids reading their work
What did we learn?
Find a wordless Picture Book
Kids come up with words
Kids rap the words into Garageband
Edit song
Import song and pictures into iMovie
Publish and ask permission
See what happens
Find a Book You want to promote
Ask permission first (or after)
Kids learn about making a good trailer
Use Keynote or Powerpoint
Students in the elementary school can use any material in a school related presentation as long as

the presentation is only accessible to our school community by using appropriate privacy settings

all pictures, video, text and other materials used are attributed

print materials need a bibliographic reference

digital images and video need an attribution
Copyright and Fair Use

How to make that workable at school?

Raising awareness

Dianne MacKenzie
The Creator's Side of Copyright
The Legal Process and
slightly less fun part

1. Collaboration
Japanese Language
What do you need?
Step 1 : Creating characters
Step 2 : Choosing characters
explain characters


one per class

13 characters total
Step 3 : Make them look good
explain characters


one per class
13 characters total

add picture of Miki
Step 4 : What's the story?
Step 5 Bells and Whistles
adding music
Hip Hip
An authentic audience
Photo by Caroline Pover http://www.carolinepover.info/2011/02/sumo-at-asij/
"Ofunato" by Ryo Chijiwa
3. Powerpoint
2. A little doesn't hurt
Grade 4 and 5
Here is
now what's the
adding Japanese
publishing in print and online
Japanese ebike. http://media.treehugger.com/assets/images/2012/10/Assista.jpg.492x0_q85_crop-smart.jpg
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