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PEEL your Arguments

An educational Prezi to teach secondary school students how to construct a sound argument.

Angela Ling

on 16 March 2011

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Transcript of PEEL your Arguments

Use linking words to link your point
back to the question. PEEL Your Argument
(like you peel an onion) Let's take a closer look... Point Elaboration Examples Link POINT also known as the topic sentence Your main argument should be
stated clearly in a single sentence. Eg. "An onion is very useful." Elaboration is... The point is in the middle
because it's your core argument. the next layer on the onion is... what makes your onion fleshy This poor onion needs
some elaboration. The elaboration explains your point
and provides more details that are RELEVANT "An onion is very useful"
"It can be eaten as food, and it can keep germs away." Point Elaboration the next layer on the onion is... Examples they are the parts that
make your argument believable They can be identified as concrete information or
specific things used to illustrate the point. "Onions have been shown to absorb the bacteria in the human digestive system." "Studies show that
many people eat onions." Examples of examples Last but not least... LINKing it all up something like this... Hence Therefore Thus Eg.
"As shown, the onion is very useful,
hence we should all love onions." point answers the question Why PEEL? it stands for... P
L oint
ink Remember! every argument is an onion.
Happy arguing! and...

it like you it! PEEL MEAN Given the question... Should we all love onions? How do we PEEL an argument?
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