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Elapsed Time

No description

D Furphy

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Elapsed Time

Today we will learn how to determine elapsed time across months, weeks, and days using a calendar. CONTENT GOAL How many months are in a year? Let's name them! How many weeks are in a month? How many days are in a week? Let's name them! Elapsed Time... What is it? The amount of time it takes for an event to take place. Why would we use this? You can count how far away your next birthday is.
Maybe you will be taking a vacation! You can start a countdown.
We can count how many school days are left. DISNEYLAND!!!! Let's pretend we are going on a class trip to Disneyland. We're going to leave on April 22nd. How many days until we go on our trip? January
June July
December Sunday
Saturday 1. Write your name at the top of the paper. Write in the task card number you have.

2. Write the month at the top of the calendar.

3. Decide how many days are in April. Cross out the extra number.

4.Count how many days are left in April.

5. Count how many Thursdays are in April. April Task Card #5 1. If today is January 12th, how many months and days is it until June 24th? 2. Lucy has a birthday on January 18th and Mark has a birthday on December 7th. How many months and days are between their birthdays? 3. How many months are between May 25th and September 25th? 4. Robert is having his birthday party on February 3rd. Mark is having his birthday party on August 27th. How many months and days are between the two birthday parties? 5. Tony plays baseball from April 5th to June 21st every year. How long does his baseball season last? FIND YOUR BIRTHDAY AND FILL OUT THE FRONT OF YOUR TRIFOLD.
TURN IT IN AND WORK ON MATH BOXES 11-2 268. 3 weeks THINK PAIR SHARE What do we use to measure time? Think about units and tools. Tell your elbow buddy what you know. Raise your hand if you have something you would like to share.
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