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Next Steps & Making Changes to Your Schedule

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Transcript of Next Steps & Making Changes to Your Schedule

Next Steps & Making Changes to Your Schedule
View Registration Results
Making Changes to Your Schedule
Add/Drop & Waitlists: Axess
Switching: GSB Registration Site
Submit switch requests for different section of a Core or Elective course through the
GSB Registration Site
Switches allowed between sections of
same course
taught by
same instructor
, ie: FINANCE 229.1 FINANCE 229.2

Request a switch into a different section of a core class
Some electives may be switched
Submit an independent study (GSBGEN 390) petition - due
September 15 at 4 PM
Add or drop electives
GSB electives
University ("across-the-street") electives
Add yourself to a waitlist
Submit a
request to avoid being skipped by processor due to a conflict
Axess How-Tos
on MyGSB
Enroll in additional Autumn Quarter electives, either at the GSB or "across-the-street"
Axess opens
Take up to 22 units per quarter

Switching Reminders
How to submit a switch...
Log in to the
GSB Registration site
; click on "Enter Preferences

Select the class you'd like to switch into

"Submit Requests"
GSB 390 - Individual Research Project
Submit a GSBGEN 390 petition
Find a faculty sponsor by
Monday, September 15 at 4 PM
Find petition and instructions on MyGSB under the
tab in
Course Planning & Registration
August 12 at 4 PM
First round of switching processing begins
Friday, August 15, 9 AM

After first round, unmatched switches processed on
first-come, first-served basis

Switches processed when there is
capacity & no time conflict

Granted switches are
; resubmit for new request

Options greyed out?
Switches being processed or on hold due to conflict.

Switch requests processed
until add/drop deadline

Add yourself to waitlists for courses that filled. Axess will
enroll you in:

Courses that meet at the same time
Multiple sections of the same course
More than 22 units per quarter
Core Schedule
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