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Olson Family Heritage

No description

Tori Olson

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Olson Family Heritage

Olson Family Heritage
Back Home
Life Back Home
+ Family members were farmers

+ A few men were also in the military

+ England and Scotland were facing religious persecution at time of immigration

Leaving Home
+ Ancestors left on boats

+ Earliest immigrants left their countries in mid 1600s

+ Possible reason for leaving would have been the religios conflict caused by religious persecution in England and Scotland

From Where?
+ Ancestors/immigrants from all over Europe

+ Majority of ancestors on fathers side from England

+ Includes Sweden, France, Ireland, Scotland

+ Known countries from mothers side include Romania & Poland
What did they do for a living?
+ Majority of family members farmed

+ Some were in the military

+ Mercer line eventually owned a mining company
Where did they settle?
+ The first immigrants in my family settled in the New Haven Colony, or what became Connecticut

+ Settled in what would become the original thirteen colonies

+ Maryland, New Jersey & Massachusetts were earliest places settled in family
Mercer Hoax
+ (Possibly) Gideon Mercer immigrated from Scotland to New York in 1767

+ Mercer Heirs Association was found by P.P. Mast to collect "powers of attorney and financial contributions" to settle lawsuit against US Government

+ P.P. Mast fabricated genealogies, collecting powers from Mercers that were not descendents of Gideon

William Potter & The New Haven Colony
+ William Potter immigrated to the New Haven Colony, or what would become Connecticut

+ He signed the New Haven Compact

+ New Haven Compact represented new form of government ( Democracy ) compared to what was left behind in England ( Monarchy with rule by divine right )
Living in America
+ A a far ancestor died in a collision between his use of transportation and train

+ Mercer line owned a mining company, and was led into a scam for money and political aid

+ William Potter signed the New Haven Compact after settling in the New Haven Colony

+ Earliest settlers came to America in the mid to 1600s
Interesting Facts
Traditions & Influence on Our Life Today
+ Common tradition for Europen families was to name son/daughter after their grandmother/grandfather.

+ Ancestors were alike to Jurgis's & Ona's story only by having their families join them.
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