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New Student Orientation

No description

varinia Torres

on 20 October 2017

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Transcript of New Student Orientation

Professional and Career Related Trips
The Role of the Student Advisor
East Side House Settlement is the community based organization that is working with STH and surrounding communities in the South Bronx to provide resources and access to quality education and technology training as gateways out of poverty. East Side House offers programs in early childhood and after-school programs, adult education, computer technology programs, family services, and senior services.

ESH firmly believes programs that embody the youth development principles are those that are most effective in engaging and retaining youth and aim to provide: Student Choice, Student voice, creating safe environments where students feel safe to explore and learn.

Expectations & Communication
• Students are expected to be in
full uniform
at all times
• Students are expected to abide by STH & Chancellor rules and regulations (cellphone, uniform, professional conduct, etc.)
• Students are expected to make up
any and all
missed work and communicate any anticipated absences as soon as they are known.

• We will communicate any and all issues as they arise in a timely manner and through monthly mailings.
• Please communicate changes of
primary contacts
, etc as they come up.
• Student progress will be made available upon request outside of report cards and progress reports and
Attendance Policy/AIDP Policy

School for Tourism & Hospitality Snapshot
Career & Technical Education (CTE) School
Trimester Model
Small Population
4 Community Based Organizations (East Side House, buildOn, Urban Health, Lyfe)

Graduation Requirements
Four Pillars of STH Advisory
Advisory Class
Academic Support
Social/Emotional Support
First stop for ANYTHING
What does a Student Advisor do at STH?
School for Tourism & Hospitality
Trimester Model
Bell Schedule
 Reception/ Sign In / Welcome
 Presentation
Credit Accumulation
School Based Services
Summer Bridge
Student Break Out
Questions & Answers
How Do We Support Our Families?
Social Worker and Guidance Counselor
 Individual and Group Counseling
 Advocacy
 Referrals when necessary to specialized care
 Individualized Educational Plan and 504 Plans

School Based Support

On Site Health Clinic
 State of the art facility with certified health professionals- including a dentist

On Site LYFE Center
 Free childcare for students with children

SPARK Program
 Reduce the prevalence of substance abuse among youth through early interventions.
Parent Association
Parent Coordinator
Class 0f 2020

Please fill out and return
1. Blue card
2. Urban Health form
3. Residency Questionnaire form School

Please keep for your records
1. School Calendar
2. AIDP /Attendance Policy
3. Summer Bridge
4. Credit Requirements

buildOn believes that youth develop through the ACT of doing SERVICE and achieve the following five outcomes:

Academic Engagement
Civic Engagement
Expanded Sense of Possibilities
Personal and Social Development

Buildon Programs @ STH

Weekly Program Meeting (during Lunch)
Weekend & Holiday Service Opportunities
Ongoing Weekly Service Opportunities (afterschool)
Service Learning Curriculum in the Classroom
School-Wide Service Days
In-School Service Opportunities (Ex. Tutoring)
Trek for Knowledge: International Service Learning Project (February and July)
Summer Service Program (July)

Standards Based Grading
Standards-based grading focuses on measuring students’ mastery of particular learning targets. The grade scale reflects the level of proficiency achieved for each outcome.
A student’s Habits of Work Grade will describe their ability to meet school wide behavioral expectations. Reporting Habits of Work grades separately from academic grades allows teachers to identify and address specific behavioral issues that may impact student learning. We call these habits STH PROUD
Monday Monday August 1st - Friday August 5th

Monday, August 1st (9:00AM - 1:00PM)
Upperclassmen Panel (This is an opportunity for you to ask current students questions you have about high school and STH in particular)
Pizza Party
Team Builders

Tuesday - Friday - TBD

Past Activities Include:
Mini Golf at Chelsea Piers
Rock Climbing
STH FRESHserve at Shoreline Clean Up Project (Community Service Project)
Tie-Dye Making for Field Day
Field Day at Central Park

Student Activties
Sports, National Honor Society, Jewlery Club, BuildOn
First NHS Ceremony
April 2015
Student Activities
Sports, National Honor Society, Jewlery Club, BuildOn
Girls Volleyball
Boys Soccer
SHHHhhhhh.... It's a Suprise!
STH has just been approved for a $500,000 grant to start own kitchen!
* Two big classrooms rooms will be created into one HUGE KITCHEN
* Planning will begin November 2015
* It will be the only full time CTE Culinary Arts program in the Bronx
* Our partners such as NYC&Co & Benchmark Hospitality will make this a success
* Vision: To create our own catering company
* Goal: Students will graduate from STH with skills necessary to manage a restaurant

Standards Based Grading
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