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Triangle ShirtWaist Fire & Rose Schneiderman

No description

Jesus Gonzalez

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Triangle ShirtWaist Fire & Rose Schneiderman

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire March 25, 1911 4:30 PM Lasting about 15 Minutes Rose Schneiderman Isaac Harris and Max Blanck the majority where Italian and jewish female workers about or under 25 years of age. 1.) Locked door to the stair well.
2.) Rusty fire escape that collapsed.
3.) Cluttered work spaces.
4.) Short ladders only reached 6th floor.
5.) Not enough water pressure.
6.) Long wooden tables became obstacles.
7.) Wicker baskets full of scraps.
8.) Oily floors spread the fire quickly.
9.) Fire nets failed to catch jumpers.
10.) No sprinkler system, only pails of water.
11.) Flammable barrel of oil.
12.) Boxes crowding the exit.
13.) Lack of a required third staircase. Rose Schneiderman was a Russian Jewish women's rights activist that helped create the labor laws that we see today. Rose Schneiderman was born on April 6, 1884 in what is now Poland. Started working around the age of 10 after her father died. Organized first strike with her co-workers to gain membership to all male labor union. Joined the Women's Trade Union League in 1904 April 2, 1911 Rose Speaks at a public meeting Schneiderman is a recruited to an inspection committee Labor laws are set in place to improve work conditions How is the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and Rose Schneiderman connected? The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire inspired labor rights activists to create some of the labor laws that we see today. It is mandatory for buildings to have a fire escape route for people to get out. Also, there must be more then one way to exit the building. Without the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, there might not be labor laws in place right now. Bibliography
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