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Jazz Fantasia

No description

Emily Stewart

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Jazz Fantasia

Jazz Fantasia By: Carl Sandburg Paraphrase and Tone Literary Devices Onomatopoeia Alliteration Simile Tone Paraphrase Stanza 1 & 2 Stanza 4 Stanza 3 Jazz Fantasia Drum on your drums, batter your banjoes,

sob on the long cool winding saxophones.

Go to it, O Jazzmen.

Sling your knuckles on the bottoms of the happy

tin pans, let your trombones ooze, and go husha-

husha-hush with the slippery sand paper. Moan like an autmn wind high in the lonesome treetops, moan soft like

you wanted somebody terrible, cry like a racing car slipping away from a

motorcycle cop, bang-bang! you jazzmen, bang altogether drums, traps,

banjoes, horns, tin cans - make two people fight on the top of a stairway

and scratch each other's eyes in a clinch tumbling down the stairs. Can the rough stuff... now a Mississippi steamboat pushes up the night

river with a hoo-hoo-hoo-oo... and the green lanterns calling to the high soft stars...

a red moon rides on the humps of the low river hills...
go to it, O jazzmen. In the poem, "Jazz Fantasia" by Carl Sandburg it is set in the late autumn, around the 1920s, the outpouring of jazz music. The poem is filled with words that echo, onomatopoeia. The speaker is telling the jazz players to go play their instruments (all different kinds) which are symbolizing emotions, calm to crazy. He is telling the readers that music is used as the background to human experience. The tone changes throughout the poem many times due to the instruments symbolizing emotions

Each instrument shows a different emotion

Starts as sad/lonely- Drum on your drums, batter on your banjoes, sob on the long cool....

Changes to happy/upbeat- Sling your knuckles on the bottoms of the happy tin pans, The most used device in the poem, it is used to unify the sound and meaning and make the poem come alive This is used to catch the reader's attention and make them want to continue reading Compares the events to something for a better understanding for the readers By: Emily Stewart *Fantasia is an unrehearsed, spontaneous musical composition Ex:
Scratch Sound of the sand paper/happy,
Making vocal sounds- Soft/rough,
The roughness vs. softness- can change Ex:
Drum on your drums,

batter on your banjoes
*Used in the first line for attention Ex:
moan soft like you wanted somebody terrible

cry like a racing car
*These show how the sounds are what they can be compared to Rhythm This is a free verse lyric poem Drum on your drums, batter on your banjoes,
sob on the long cool winding saxophones.
Go to it, O jazzmen Criticism Overall, Jazz Fantasia was a great poem. It had a great variety of literary devices that were easy to depict, though it was difficult to get to the point that the instruments symbolized emotions
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