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Black Skins, White Masks

No description

Justin Shillingford

on 23 September 2015

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Transcript of Black Skins, White Masks

"The black man who has lived in France for a length of time returns radically changed. To express it in genetic terms, his phenotype undergoes a definitive, an absolute mutation."
Many feel that these 'White Masks' are necessary to succeed in this world.
The Europeans will always view you as inferior
The Caribbeans will always view you as pretentious
rather be underpaid or overrated?
Was the use of Fanon's knowledge of psychology an effective way to describe the different phenomena he refers to?
Fanon is very 'to-the-point' (some have even said harsh) in his writing. Was this the best way to get his points across?
Wednesday, September 22, 2015
Frantz Fanon
Frantz Omar Fanon
Background Information
Black Skin, White Masks
Born in Martinique
Father was a descendant of slaves
Mother was of African, Indian, and European descent
Attended the most prestigious high-school in Martinique
Faced abuse by French sailors
Joined the Free French Forces
Returned to Martinique in 1945
Black Skins, White Masks
in 1952 in France
“One feels perfectly justified when the patient answers in the same fashion.”
“Hate is not inborn; it has to be constantly cultivated, to be brought into being, in conflict with more or less recognized guilt complexes.”
In the attempt to please everyone, the black man may end up pleasing no one.
The root of the problem lies in the "epidermalization" of the inferiority complex
Attempt to move up the social ladder
"Would you rather be underpaid or overrated?" --JAY-Z
Skin color immediately associated with socio-economic class
This mentality must be eliminated
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