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Sexy Summer Body [Shared]

No description

Ali Alatas

on 22 August 2015

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Transcript of Sexy Summer Body [Shared]

TruVitality specializes in plant-based, whole food nutrition programs, raw food cleanses, weight loss coaching and healthy cooking classes.

Our method is simple and based on the three prongs to ultimate health:

Think Healthy, Eat Nutritiously and Stay Active!!!!

Our programs are comprehensive and designed for all ages, individuals, couples, families, models, actors, churches, companies and corporations—even tweens and teens.
1:1 coaching
Long Term Weight Loss Results
Helping you Gain Renewed Energy
Whole Body Health
Food Education
Gaining Clear radiant Skin
Mental Clarity
Breaking distorted food realtionships
Gaining control over what you eat
Eating Abundantly
What is
What TruVitality is Not
Not Licensed Practitioners
Weight- loss gimmick
An Animal Activist Campaign
Exclusive Program only for Vegans
A Supplement Heavy Program
Calorie Restriction Program
The Opportunity
Prepare for a Change
The TruVitality method is based on giving each of our clients a complete understanding of health through our KAPP approach. (KAPP: Knowledge, Application, Preparation, Practicality)

Corporate and Group Challenges
Health and Wellness Talks
Mini-Immersion Cooking Classes
Mommy and Me Classes
Boot Camps
At TruVitality we believe in the power of sharing so we have established one of the best referral programs for certified health and fitness professionals.

Depending on the product your referral purchases you can receive a one time referral fee. (10% operating fee deducted from net profit before referral fees are paid.)

TruVitality Party= 20% of total net profit of party
Refer a Friend for 10% Referral Fee
Weight Loss
“You have to be
to do what is required to meet your personal weight loss goals.”
Goal Setting
: Why are you embarking on this journey?
Getting prepared physically
: clean fridge, cabinets, workplace of non-protocol foods.
Gaining your resolve
: mentally prepare and emotionally prepare. This is a big change! That can change your life for the better.
Telling others
: be very selective about who you tell about your eating changes. Many can be discouraging and kill your fire. Remember no one cares about your health as much as you!
Identify a workout you may enjoy enough to participate in 5 days a week for at least 30 minuts to 1 hour per day.
Just do something, it doesn't have to be perfect everyday
Drink water
Clear skin
Detoxify the body
Eat Real Food (the ultimate junk food replacement)
Fruits meals or fruit smoothies
Prepare veggies without oil or added fat
Large salads once a day in place of a normal high processed meal.
use plant fats like avocado or hummus for spreads instead of fatty condiments
Stop eating the convince foods
If its in a box don’t eat it!
Microwave foods
Fast food
Skip the condiments
Skip the processed drinks
When to eat:
After first morning exercise
Last meal at 5:30pm
Why Eat So Early:
Use excess body fat as fuel
Use energy at night to heal your body
Sleep better
Why Unprocessed Low Fat:
Fat stores as fat
Boost energy
Burn carbohydrates more efficiently
Enjoy the process
Stress makes you fat!!! Ditch the stress
Speak kindly to yourself along the journey
Look at health as a life long adventure
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