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The Land Of Stories

No description

jorja s

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of The Land Of Stories

The Land Of Stories
By: Chris Colfer

Text to world:
Their are a lot of selfish people in the world. They will do whatever it takes to get what they want and don't care what they have to do to others to get it. Just like how the Evil Queen wanted the wishing spell only for herself. She would do anything to have it, even if it meant hurting Alex and Conner. We need to learn to treat everyone kindly and be happy for others.
Long Long Journey by Enya:

This song represents Alex and Conner's long journey and the challenges they faced to find their way home. Along the way they never gave up and in the end they accomplished their goal.
Chris Colfer:

Chris Colfer was born in 1990 in Colvis, California. Chris is a #1 New York Times best selling author and Golden Globe winning actor, best known for his role as Kurt Hummel in Glee. The first book Chris Colfer wrote and published is the Land of Storeis: The Wishing Spell, my personal favorite. He also wrote The Carson Phillips Journal and The Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns. Chris has also acted in Struck by Lightning. In 2011 Chris Colfer was honored as a member of time magazine's annual list of the one hundred most influential people in the world.
The Setting:
Text to Text:
The Land of Stories is connected to many classic fairy-tales. It puts a new and exciting twist on characters we all know and love. Many fairy-tale characters live in the "Land of Stories" and we learn new and exciting things about them and what happened to them after their stories ended. For example, we learned the Evil Queen was not always evil and Goldilocks is running from the law. If you know and enjoyed classic fairy-tales you will really love this book.
Text to self:
In The Land of Stories Alex and Conner never gave up. If they truly wanted to get home, giving up was not an option. They had to keep going no matter what they faced and believe in themselves. I have some goals and dreams. Wishing they come true won't make them happen. I have to work hard and never give up.
My book starts off in the present day in the human world... our world. As you get into the book most of it takes place in the "Land of Stories", a magical world where fairy-tales are real. On their journey, Alex and Conner travel from their house and school in our world to many exciting places in the "Land of Stories". The places they travel are ...
-The Northern Kingdom
-The Sleeping Kingdom
-The Charming Kingdom
-The Corner Kingdom
-The Dwarfs Forest
-The Elf Empire
-The Red Riding Hood Kingdom
-Mermaid bay
-Troll and Goblin Territory
-The Fairy Kingdom
This prezi was made by ME!!!
I think that my favorite character would have to be Goldilocks. I loved Goldilocks because she wasn't the normal girl from the story Goldilocks and the three bears... She was a wanted criminal! I loved the way she and red (little red ridding hood, who is not so little anymore) are always arguing about nothing. It just made the book so much better! :)

The Protagonist

The five symbols
i choose are...

In the Land of Stories twins, Alex and Conner Bailey, receive a treasured fairy-tale book from their grandmother which they soon discover is magical. Alex and Conner fall into the book beginning a journey where they encounter fairytale characters you know and love, but with an original twist. The twins travel through different territories as they embark on a search to find the items to complete the “wishing spell” and wish their way back home. Along the way they discover they are not the only ones looking for the "wishing spell" items to make a wish. They encounter an Evil Queen with a sad story who is also desperate for a wish, princesses, a talking frog, crying fairies, and Goldilocks who is always on the run, but most importantly they discover they were not the first of the Bailey's to be in the Land of Stories. Alex and Conner learn their grandmother is Cinderella's fairy godmother and their father, who had died in a car crash, grew up there. As Alex and Conner travel on their journey and gather the "wishing spell" items, they discover their strengths and overcome the Evil Queen, her huntsmen and the wolves and make their way back home. The Land of Stories is very exciting and always leaves you wondering what will happen next.

Never Give Up

The Bailey twins face many challenges, from their dad dying in a car crash to having to overcome evil as they search for the "wishing spell" items so they can find their way home from the "Land of Stories". On their journey through the "Land of Stories" Alex and Conner discover how strong they truly are and that together they can succeed no matter what others say or what obstacles and evil they face.

Alex and Conner Bailey
The Evil Queen
Fairy tear-
Represents inner strength. Everything you need is within you, just like how Alex had the fairy tear all along.
Path (between all of the kingdoms)-
Represents the journey Alex and Conner took to find the items to complete the "wishing spell"

Father's Journal-

It was the
mentor that
Alex and Conner never would have made it home without.

Alex and Conner are 12 year old twins who live with their mother. They lived a very normal life, that is until their dad dies in a car crash and their grandmother gives them a magical fairy-tale book, which turned their whole life upside down.
The Antagonist:
The Evil Queen is the queen from the story "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". She wasn't always evil though. The Evil Queen was once an innocent woman in love but she was kidnapped by the enchantress, Malicefint from Sleeping Beauty, who cursed the Evil Queen's true love into a magical mirror. The Queen then became truly evil as she was determined to release her love from the mirror.
Five Symbols
Represents each of the territories Alex and Conner go to, and the fairy tale characters they meet on their journey. Each of the territories has a type of castle

Represents the connection between Alex and Conner's past and present. It is also the connection between reality and fantasy.
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