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Womens Clothing 1900s

No description

sydney evensen

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Womens Clothing 1900s

Sydney Evensen
Bri Skar Women's Clothing 1900-1930 The 1900s were a changing time for the
clothing of women. The famous female movie
stars played a big role in how women dressed as
did the women before them. When fashion
magazines made their appearance in the 1920's,
women responded with a whole new trend to
clothing. Dresses Background 1900 - 1915 Skirts: elongated in the back, slim at the hip and chest
Decoration: lace, ruffles, hemming, patterns
Dresses: balloon sleeves, tight corsets around the neck
Evening Dresses: worn off shoulder or without sleeves 1915 - 1930 Skirts: hobble and lampshade style, asymmetrical draping, (before WWI) high waist line, hem above ankle, (after WWI) low waist line, unfitted dresses, simple, (Flapper Era) hem rose to the knee, less feminine
Dresses: worn to support shape, bat wing sleeves, over-drapes, flying panel skirt
Material: cotton Shirts & Suits 1900 - 1915 Suits: tailor-made's
Worn for outdoor activities or traveling
Ankle length skirts, matching suit coat
Worn while working
Coco Chanel
Not socially accepted 1915 - 1930 Pant Suit:
Comfort - supports free movement
Necklines - scoop or "V", sometimes collar
Sleeves - long & straight or long & bell-shaped
chiffons, light silks, soft velvets, lightweight wools, soft cottons
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