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Elemental My Dear Watson

The Search for Gandhi's Nemisis

Avery Moje

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Elemental My Dear Watson

The element resides in group number seventeen. CLUE #1: CLUE #6: CLUE #7: The elements average atomic mass amounts to 126.90447 amu. CLUE #9: To find the number of neutrons this
element possess, subtract from the mass number,
the number of protons it has. You have completed the treasure hunt! Below is the story of why Gandhi hated Iodine. The Search for Gandhi's Nemisis I Marks The Spot CLUE #2: The element can be found in the fifth period of the the Periodic Table. CLUE #3: This element is a member of the halogen family. CLUE #4: This element has an extremely positive attitude, with a whopping fifty-three protons. CLUE #5: However, the element must remain balanced so the number of electrons is equal to the number of protons. If you look back to the previous clues, you will find that the atomic number has quite a lot in common with the number of protons and electrons. CLUE #8: Round the average atomic mass to the ones place to find the mass number. CONGRATULATIONS! CLUE #10: If you are to refer back to the period this element is in, you will find the number of shells that one atom of this element has. CLUE #11: The number of valence electrons, or electrons in the outer electron cloud, in this
element, is seven. CLUE #12: This element is a non metal. CLUE #13: FINAL CLUE: If you guessed correctly, you chose Iodine as the element. Now progress to the final stop to find out why Ghandi hated Iodine. The element symbol for this element is I. 53 53 e - 53 127 126.90447 127-
53= 64 Nucleus n= 5 4 3 2 1 Nucleus I I 53 Iodine 126.90447 Cl Br ? 5 ? 15 16 17 ? In 1930, Gandhi led a retaliation march against the British salt tax in India. India, though they could produce their own salt, was forced to purchase salt from Britain. Gandhi pushed for the government to allow India to gather their own salt. However, it was discovered that the common salt, as the salt harvested in India was called, contained no Iodine. Iodine was used to prevent birth defects and was found to be necessary to have in the salt. Essentially, the discovery of Iodine and its use, defeated Gandhi's movement and India once again was forced to purchase salt from outside sources.
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