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iSustain Environmental Consultancy

No description

Matthew Herington

on 9 September 2011

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Transcript of iSustain Environmental Consultancy

iSustain specialize FIVE PILLARS OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Limited Toxicity Resource Productivity Social Ecology Cultural Ecology Nature Conservation
"EMBEDDING CULTURAL AND SOCIAL CHANGE" TEXT Some Negatives of Gold Mining Use of Cyanide and other hazardous chemicals
Waste generation and Disposal
Air, Water and Soil pollution
Safety & Health Hazards for employees and natural environment Redesign processes Mimicking natural systems Use of Microbes Industrial waste material Nature's Waste Plant Nutrients So too.... Food & Income Removal of Contaminants/Toxicity Reduce cost of Waste Management Decrease destruction of Biodiversity Pollution control Regulation compliance Reduce Toxicity Reduce Hazardous material exposure Take a LEADING stance
on innovative change Good PR and community development Reduce risk of legal entanglements Tapping into greater productivity & efficiency Solar Energy through Biomimicry Reduce Energy costs Tap into new markets ACHIEVING ECOLOGICAL EFFICIENCY Sustainability
Manager Performance
Benchmarking KPIs Technological
improvements Waste
management Innovative
processes Efficient use
of resources Analysis of stakeholders Linkages with triple bottom line Community involvement Bottom-up approach Staff awareness Employee participation Employees Financials Community Suppliers KPI's Clients Real Time
Business Reports Target Performance
Analysis Management Decision
Making Water usage
moderation Waste Management Benchmarks Workplace risk,
health & safety Employee satisfaction Community Development Specialises in the development and implementation of company restructuring frameworks; redefining company goals and values while fostering company growth through
avenues of innovation and sustainable practice. EUROZTRASH Your strengths and opportunities that we can build on... High influence in several markets (ie. Oceania, Eastern Europe, Africa)
Strong willingness to change
Motivated new CEO team to lead innovative change
Clear long-term sustainability goals
Opportunity to re-brand, possibility to consider name change Community Development Make peace with local communities & stakeholders Hold regular meetings with community
Help improve standards of living Minimise negative social impacts in community Conduct social and cultural impact assessments Implement cultural change throughout organization Raise Accountability Increase level of Community Involvement Employ locals COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS Step Three - New Direction Expertise Step One - New Company Direction Step Two - Strategic Initiatives + Conceptual Model = MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM BUSINESS STRATEGY PROCESSES STAKEHOLDERS TRAINING & EDUCATION CORPORATE CONCEPTUAL MODEL RESULTS IMPLEMENTING SOCIAL & CULTURAL ECOLOGY Internal External Change in values
More effective governance structures
Comply with new policies
Equal and fair staff training and devlopment
Utilise latest internet/mobile technology Increase transparency
Use various forms of media
Employ external auditors
Timeline Limit Regulatory Oversight Implementing Social and Cultural Ecology Internal External Implement Cultural Change Community Development Raise Accountability Change values/guiding principle
Policy compliance
Staff training and development
Utilise latest internet/mobile technology Increase transparency
External audit
Social Impact Assessments Community Engagement Employ locals Make peace with local communities
- Regular meetings
- Contribute to standards of living Minimise social impacts - Cultural and social impact assessments
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