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No description

Nicholas 11246

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Starwars

The revenge of the text types PROCEDURE
HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN STAR WARS SHIP Aim: To make a star wars star destroyer for Darth Vader Materials:
60 x heavy turbolasers
60 x ion cannons
1000 x metal plates
1 x launch control
3 x KDY destroyer engine
1 x waste dump
1 x communications tower
4000 x bolts
1 x ion cannon targeting system
1 x turbo laser computer targeting system Method:
1. Get the metal plates out of the box
2. Put the metal plates together with bolts
3. Add the 60 ion cannon to the centre of the ship
4. Sit the 60 heavy turbo lasers on the sides of the ship
5. Grab the communications tower and place it on the top
of the ship
6. Place the launch control at the point of the ship
7. Connect the waste dump to the back of the communications tower
8. Connect to the ion cannon targeting system to the right side of ship
9. Put the turbo laser computer
targeting system on the left side of the ship
10. Insert the 3 KDY destroyer engines to the back of the ship WARNING: ship is not a toy! Description
YODA Yoda is the most powerful Jedi in history. Yoda has trained thousands of Jedi knights and he uses his wisdom to guide Jedi. He has learnt thousands of fighting moves and is the grand Jedi of the republic (the good side).

Yoda's favorite saying is: " feel the force"

Height: 66cm
Home world: Coruscant
weapon: Green bladed light saber
Trademark: Wisdom
Combat style: Form IV
Skin colour: Green

Yoda's size dose not matter because even though he is small he, he is the wisest and the strongest Jedi. YODAS PROFILE: This dialogue is between Anakin and Palpatine talking about the force. Anakin is angry because Palpatine has been lying to the Republic and acting like he was good. Now Anakin will report him to the Jedi council.
Between Anakin Skywalker & Palpatine THE FORCE : which is an energy field that flows though every living thing and you can oly have if you have the right mind and training Palpatine: he is the supreme chancellor of the republic. He is was acting as if he was on the good side but he is actually the Emperor of the DARK SIDE! K-WARS Letter Information report Has Anikin turned to the DARK SIDE?
details pg 12 WHO WILL WIN??? HULK Vs. YODA < Have your say on our online post >
/hulkversesyoda.com FULL INTERVIEW WITH JAR JAR BINKS What really happened?...pg5 Dear Watto,

I would like to make a bet with you.
When the pod race is on, Anikin Skywalker will race the Sebalba.
If Anikin wins, he will then be my property and no longer be your slave. I will also get my ship an new engine from your junk yard.

If you by some crazy chance win you will get to keep my ship and all the winnings. I hope you will agree to this bet.

From Qui-Gon-Jinn Anikin Sebulba FREE Star Wars poster inside! 20 questions you would like to ask Obi Wan Which Jedi are you most like??
take the test inside and see for yourself! GEONOSIS Geonosis is a sandy planet which is controlled by a leader called Poggle who is the person below Count Dooku.

Geonosis has a large diameter but light gravity and dense atmosphere. With a weak magnetic field, harsh solar radiation storms and massive sandstorms.

Inhabitants/ Life:
Geonosis has insectoids and Geonotians. It also has Geonosian hydra, bran worms and sand snakes.

Mostly Geonosian

99% Geonosian
1% Other

The planet Geonosis was the home of the biggest star wars battle in history. The battle was between the Geonisans and the Jedi. Many Jedi and Geonosians died there. Luckily Yoda came with an army of clones and saved the day and Geonosis is now ruled by the Seperatists (bad). BY NICHOLAS MOSCHOUDIS
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