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Introducing ICT Tools to English Language Teachers in Laos &

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Yin Yin Aye

on 30 January 2016

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Transcript of Introducing ICT Tools to English Language Teachers in Laos &

Introducing ICT Tools to English Language Teachers in Laos & Myanmar
The Context:
have 2-12 years of teaching experience
can use Microsoft applications (e.g. word, powerpoint), Gmails, and facebook, and common website ‘Google’
have internet access on their mobile (at any time, own expense) and free WiFi access at work place
majority are not familiar with other IT tools.

The Context
need English for their academic pursuit, international communication, and job prospect
have experienced teacher-centered method
have internet access on their mobile phone
some are familiar with IT tools such as Email, facebook, Google, internet games and other websites

The Audience:
English language teachers at National
University of Laos and at Universities in
Yangon Region in Myanmar
National University of Laos and
University of Yangon (Myanmar)
1- day (with two sessions: Morning 9 a.m.-
12p.m. , and Afternoon 1-4 p.m.)

The Context
Classroom facilities:
All institutions have computer aided language labs
limited WiFi network for students.
many classrooms have projectors, computers and audio tools.

Class size:
30-40 students in Laos
30-50 students in Myanmar

The Context
English Classes:
foreign language, compulsory subject
interaction from teacher to students
language of instructions mainly in L1
learning English outside English speaking community
limited exposure to English to improve all the four skills
teachers need to create context for students to communicate in English both in and outside the class.

Objectives of the Workshop
. To share knowledge gained from
ELEP 2014.
2. To help English teachers to use
effective and interesting ICT tools
in English language teaching.
3. To enhance English teachers’
professional improvement.
Selected IT Tools:
‘Google Document’ and 'Blogger'
Class size:
20-30 trainee teachers
Rationale: .
fulfill positive aspects of language learning
lessons can be challenging, motivating, effective
create contexts to communicate in Englishen
enhance collaborative learning
enable teachers to monitor class more efficiently, give immediate feedback, to assess students' performance better
enable teachers more familiar with IT tools
enhance teacher's professional development
The Procedure
Morning Session (9 a.m. – 12 p.m.)
Introduction to ‘Google Document’
Activity 1 and 2
Ask trainee teachers to work in group to create a classroom activity by using ‘Google Document’.
Afternoon Session (1p.m. – 4 p. m.)
Introducing ‘Blogger’ to teachers
Activity 3 and 4
Group work to create a blog and create a post ‘self-introduction
Activity 2 Writing task
Introducing ICT Tools
to English Language Teachers
in Laos & Myanmar

Group Members:
Yin Yin (Myanmar)
Ham (Laos)
Xay (Laos)
Kham (Laos)
Aim: to practice using Google Docs.
Language focus: giving advice
work in pair
read the text and write suggestions and advice on google docs.
T checks trainees' work whether they cover all aspects.
Aim: To convince trainees how to employ
IT tool in language teaching
Language focus: Describing a country.
Ask trainees to work in groups of 3
Post document with pictures of map and flag of Laos / Myanmar
Ask each group to write description of country.
Make sure trainees to refine and edit their work till they get a good description about their country.

Activity 3: Self-introduction
Aim: to make trainees create a post in the
Language focus: Present simple tense
Ask trainees to write a text for self-introduction and post it in their blog.
Remind trainees to add at least one picture
Ask trainees to go to their classmates’ blog and write a comment
Get trainees to view their own blog write a reply to each comment.

Activity 4: Life Journey Line
Aim: to build trainees' confidence in using Blogger
Language: Simple Past Tense, Expressing feeling, Giving reasons
Ask trainees to write about his or her own Journey Line
Ask them to post their journey line in their own blog .
Ask them to go to others’ blogs (and ask questions (as comment)

Activity 1: Giving advice and suggestions
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