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Colin Seifrit

on 13 November 2015

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Transcript of Mediation

The Ugly Naked Roommate
Presented By:

Jenn Garton
Colin Seifrit
Amy Weit
What is Mediation?
Mediation is a process through which individuals seek to talk through their differences with the help of a neutral third party and reach a mutually-agreed upon resolution.
Steps For a Successful Mediation
Set The Scene
Inform your RD
Find a neutral location & time that works for them and YOU
Be at eye level
Set Ground Rules
No interrupting
Maintain appropriate language
Any rule you feel is needed
Steps For a Successful Mediation
Listen and Maintain
Listen, be neutral
Be patient
Enforce the rules
Ask the residents to leave if necessary
Residents should be doing most of the talking
Prepare residents for what they should expect (write down what they would like to discuss).
What's Your Role as an RA?
residents listen to one another
people find a middle ground or a compromise

When Is Mediation Appropriate?
Some things to ask
Have they already tried talking to each other?
Is this their first mediation?
Has any violence occurred?
What do they want to come from the situation?
Reaching a Solution
Residents must come up with their own solution to move forward
Do not offer your own solution!
Make a written agreement of the solution
Everyone gets a copy - including you!
Add details if possible!
Compromise - Not everyone has to be happy but must agree to the terms
Follow Up
Check in with residents
Nothing is going to be fixed over night
Check in with your RD
Let them know how everything went
Let them know how things are looking after following up
Document the situation
Situation #1
Situation #2
Regina and Cady are new college friends who decided to leave their current roommates to live together. Before they were roommates they shared everything but now that they are in the same room, Cady doesn't want Regina touching all of her things. She tells Regina to stop using her TV and not to touch any of her clothes or jewelry. Cady stops having lunch with Regina and is barely talking to her anymore. Regina doesn't know what is the matter with Cady and comes to you to complain.

Situation #3
Lilly and Robin have been roommates for two semesters. They are involved in a lot of things on campus together. Lately, Robin noticed that Lilly had been posting issues she had with Robin on Twitter. Robin comes to you very upset and angry with Lilly. She shows you all the tweets and wants YOU to do something about it.
Bert and Ernie are new roommates and have very different lifestyles. Bert is very focused on his major and studies during his free time, while Ernie seems to be more interested in playing video games and eating. Bert feels like he can't even study in his own room because Ernie is always there making a mess with food and playing Call of Duty very loudly. Bert comes to you and asks for help.
13th Annual Hudson Valley Student Staff Conference
Why is it important?
A true mediation allows each side to
Share their perspective
Listen to the other perspective
Engage in dialogue
Respect the rights and thoughts of others
Brainstorm possible solutions together
Mediation is a
healthy way
to share concerns and helps people learn how to resolve conflict in a
positive manner.
Benefits of Mediation
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