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Seminar on ECCE by Gyankriti

No description

Yograj Patel

on 25 January 2014

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Transcript of Seminar on ECCE by Gyankriti

High Quality Preschools
highly qualified and experienced professional educators

effective curriculum that involves active engagement with children

space for children to have nurturing and emotionally supportive relationships with staff

high standards of safety and child protection

an atmosphere that fosters mental development
Yograj Patel
Gyankriti Preschool & Daycare
Alumnus IIT Bombay

Classroom etiquette:
How to raise your hand, take turns and share the teacher’s attention

Social skills:
How to compromise, be respectful of others and problem solve

Literacy skills:
Learn a richer vocabulary, better pre-reading skills and familiarization with more books

Math skills:
Practice counting, recognizing patterns and geometric shapes

Preschool chale hum
In India only 1.1% kids are enrolled in Preschools, whereas the enrollment rate is almost 100% in countries like France and Scotland.

The 'preschool chale hum' initiative by Gyankriti is aimed at increasing the awareness about importance of early childhood care and education.
Why Preschool?
Preschool Advantage
higher levels of completed education and subsequent employment
greater stability in relationships and lower rates of mental illness

While the evidence indicates that all children benefit from high quality preschool education, the gains are greatest for children from disadvantaged family backgrounds
What exactly are they learning?
Brain development is highest during the first four years of life.
Structure is vital for the young preschoolers
Social skills are next on the list and they are important to learn at this age
Academics are now being emphasized more than in past years
Space it gives you as a parent to work or have time to pursue interests
Founded by IIT Bombay Alumni & managed by highly experienced educationists

work in progress....

qualified teachers and other staff, in-house training

CCTV, Colour code clothes


… but mostly, a high quality preschool is one where families, children and visitors feel welcome and valued.

1) Sudarshan Nagar - Annapurna Road
2) Tulsi Nagar - Bombay Hospital
3) Vijay Nagar
4) Vidya Nagar - Sapna Sangeeta
5) Saket Nagar


Importance of preschools
What happens at preschools?
High Quality Preschools

Early Childhood Care and Education
No Child's Play
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