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State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness

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Ana Jimenez

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness

State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness

What is STAAR?
The STAAR is a state required assessment that will assess
the content standard at a greater depth and at a higher
level of complexity

The ultimate goal of STAAR is to graduate students
who are College and Career Ready
What is tested?
The TEKS have been divided with the following standards:
Readiness Standards
Supporting Standards
Process Skills have also been identified in Social Studies,
Math, and Science. These will be tested with content
standards (Readiness and Supporting)
What grades and subjects are tested?
Students in grades 3rd,4th and 5th are tested on STAAR
3rd Grade Tests

Readiness Standards
Are essential for the current year

Are important for preparedness for the next grade

Support college and Career Readiness

Address broad and deep concepts
skill and ideas
Supporting Standards
Although introduced and/or reinforced in the current grade they may be emphasized in a subsequent year

They play a role in preparing students for the next grade but not a central role

They address more narrowly defined ideas
5th Grade Tests



4th Grade tests



STAAR is a timed four hour test.

Reading- there is a greater emphasizes placed on critical analysis (inferences) than to literal understanding

Mathematics and Science- a number of open-ended items of questions will assess content (Readiness or Supporting Standard) and Process Skill

Writing- students are required to write two essays over a two day period
3rd grade
Students in third grade- (non-passers will be required to attend summer school & promotion will be pending attendance)

How will promotion be determined?
Students in 4th grade
Students in 4th grade-non-passers will be required to attend summer school & promotion will be pending attendance)
Students in 5th grade
Students in 5th grade-(must pass Reading & Math to be promoted to 6th grade)

What can you do?
Communicate regularly with your child's teacher or principal

Ask if there are exercises that can be done at home to help reinforce what your child learning in preparation for the STAAR Test

Emphasize the importance of participating in school daily

Encourage your child to read a variety of all kinds (genres) of text: books of all kinds , magazines, plays, poetry newspapers etc.

Examples of STAAR Questions
3rd Grade
What can the reader conclude about Jody?
The poet uses lines 15 and 16 from the poem to show-

4th Grade
Which of these supports the title of the article?
What is the message of the poem?

5th Grade
By orgainizing paragraph 3 sequentially, the author is able to-

The poest uses figurative language in line 18 to highlight the speaker's-

TEA STARR Released test questions
Examples of STAAR Questions
3rd Grade question
The dimensions of two rectangles are shown below. Which statement about these rectangles is true?

4th Grade question
Terrell spent $306 on a television and 3 video games. He spent $243 on the television. Each video game was the same price. How much did Terrell spend oneach video game?

5th Grade question
A mechanic repaired 28 cars and 46 trucks last month. He spent 2 hours repairing each of these vehicles. Which equation can be used to find the total number of hours the mechanic spent repairing these vehicles?

TEA Released tests questions
Examples of STAAR Questions
A student observed the apparent shape of the moon every night for a period of 60 days. On day 10 the student observed a full moon. On which other day did the student most likely observe a full moon?

What effect does the rapid growth of kudzu most likely have on an ecosystem?

TEA Released test questions
STAAR Writing
Two compostions: Students must respond with a personal narrative and expository

Student's writing responses will be limited to 26 lines

Two days for testing: Students will do half of the multiple choice questions and write to one prompt on each day
Each section will be weighted equally

Each session will be 4 hours
Just a Reminder

The state of Texas has very strict guidelines for the administration of state testing.

The building will be closed on testing days to all visitors.

Cell Phone and Electronic Device Statement:

Students are not permitted to have cell phones or electronic
devices on their person or within reach during testing.

Cell phone use and/or electronic device usage during testing is a serious violation and will be considered cheating

For More Information
Internet resources: Lead4ward
Texas Education Agency - TEA

Parent Information
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