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Burma/Myanmar Internal Conflict

No description

Matthew Hukin

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of Burma/Myanmar Internal Conflict

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Was once owned by Great Britain
Britain gave it independence in 1948
Communist rebels rose up immediately after
Burma at civil war ever since
Under military control since 1962 ORIGINS Kayah State Located in eastern Burma/Myanmar
Led largely by Karenni Army
Fighting for independence since 1957
Gov't accused of huge human rights violations in this area
Long list of grievances against gov't A Struggling Country at War With Itself Burma/Myanmar Located in southeast Asia
Longest internal conflict in world
Suffers from corruption
32% of population in poverty
Gov't widely viewed as inefficient Unpredictable, unreliable economy
Wealth from natural resources held by military/business officials The Members of the Conflict Seven states and seven regions
Fourteen areas in all
Several have rebelled against gov't since 1949
Currently five main areas of rebellion: Shan, Kayin, Kachin, Kayah, and Rakhine Kayin State Shan State In eastern Burma/Myanmar
Largest state in Burma/Myanmar
Many ethnic groups
Has several armies
Fought for independence since early 1960s
Occasionaly uses drug trade for finance
Recently under Chinese political influence In southeast Burma/Myanmar
Run by Karen National Union
Fought for autonomy since 1949
First goal was independence
Current goal is federal system (since 1976) Most of land is battlefield
Conflicts caused tens of thousands of deaths Kachin State Northernmost state of Burma/Myanmar
Fought for independence since 1961
Run largely by Kachin Independence Army
Many cease-fires called, but fighting always resumes
In 2012 alone casualties were about 250 Large amount of refugees- about 100,000 Rakhine State On west coast of Burma/Myanmar
Constant internal conflict since 1947
2012 Rakhine Riots broke out 8 June
Between Islam extremists and local Buddhists What Now? Situation seems to be getting better
Foreign relations have improved
Currently a cease-fire with 25 ethnic groups
On 4 Feb. 2013 agreement with Kachin rebels to halt conflict
Burma/Myanmar described as "an emerging democracy" Future of the country is uncertain
Country is presently on the rise
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