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No description

Omar Garcia

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of OM

When it comes to tv, its gotta be a sporting event for it to catch my eye, other than that i dont see much live tv. Yet i have netflix where i watch season series after series.
Hello, My name is Omar Garcia I am 26 years old , Im originally from El paso Tx, been living in Odessa for the past two years. I came up here to find a job in the oil industry. I am a single father of a four yr old son. This is my 1st class in six years so im really looking foward to begin this new journey or career path. My goal is to obtain a degree in Communications.
My main goal as i continue my studies is to become a sports anchor either for our local sports news or a major sports network. I enjoy reading any article having to do with sports. I also have the local news and newspaper on facebook therefore when i see a breaking news link or a new announcement from our government or society i click on link and follow through. I am also subscribed to a couple magazines SPorts Illustrated and GQ.
Social Networks are around me everyday thats how i communicate with friends and family. I have a facebook , instagram, snapchat and twitter.
For hobbies i really like going out for a run, or play soccer, ive began to learn how to play guitar aswell. I also like going to watch new movies , im at the movies at least twice a month watching a new releases.
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