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Matthew Kelly

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Landforms

Landforms Pointy island sand valley Volcano Water and ice cause change in landforms over time by water creating canyons to form anywhere and ice can knock into rocks and make the ice crack and break the ice and sometimes rock Wind causes change in landforms by taking the crust of the surface and soil and weather of rocks Gravity changes landforms over a period of time by mass movement cause if a rock is at a top of a steep hill gravity wants to push the rock down the steep hill and makes the rock crash down and gravity can push water down . a hill and form canyons Movment of water helps shape landforms cause if rain keeps hitting in the same spot over and over again there will be more erosion Wearing away and movment of rocks and soil in erosion that is important to forming canyons cause when erosion happens rock carried by water wind or ice breaks down other earth material and creates a canyon Valleys are formed by water or ice flowing through the process of erosion to create valley. Wearing away and movment of rocks and soil in erosion is important of forming meanders because
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