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Jeyn toots prezihihih

No description

Jeyn Luc

on 8 July 2014

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Transcript of Jeyn toots prezihihih

Of Cocks and Hens
by : Alejandro Roces

*Alejandro Reyes Roces
-"Anding Roces"
-Born on July 13, 1924
-Died on May 23, 2011 (aged 86)
-Married to Irene Yorston Viola

-Filipino author
-National Artist of the Philippines for literature
--> It was early in the morning, Kiko and his brother were driving the chickens in the maizefield where Kiko and his brother saw a rooster on a rooster fight.
In their house particularly at the dinning area where Kiko and his brother and also their parents were arguing about the peculiar chicken that they've found in the maizefield.
The barrio where they lived.
town of Alcala where Mr. Eduardo Cruz lives
-He was the one who said that the peculiar chicken was a Rooster.
-He was the one who told Kiko that the peculiar chicken was a Hen.
Peculiar Chicken
-it has the same characteristic of a cock/rooster.
-it lays egg
Tenienteng Tasyo
-he was the head of the village
-also he
is a philosopher

-oldest man in the barrio
Mr. Eduardo Cruz
-he studied poultry husbandry at Los Baños
-operated large egg farm
-according to her the peculiar chicken was a "binabae"

-according to him the peculiar chicken was a "binalalake"

Series of Complication
&the story began when Kiko had a peculiar chicken. It was peculiar because no one could tell whether it was a hen or a rooster. But according to him it was a rooster. It was early in the morning when Kiko and his brother were driving the chicken from the maizefield and then they saw a rooster fight. According to Kiko's brother it was a hen.
Cockpit where the battle was held.
*Kiko and his brother was arguing whether the peculiar chicken was a hen or a rooster.

*They asked their mom and dad if they can tell whether the peculiar chicken was a hen or a rooster and lead them in to an argument.

*They also asked Tenienteng Tasyo if he could tell them if it was a hen or a rooster but he said maybe it was just another kind of bird.

*They went to Mr. Cruz hoping that he could answer the confusion on what is really the gender of the peculiar chicken. But he suggested to kill it and tell its gender.

*If the peculiar chicken can win against its opponent on the cockpit this coming Sunday.
man vs man
Kiko will take the peculiar chicken to the cockpit this coming Sunday to prove to his brother that it was really a rooster.
The peculiar chicken fought with the opponent which was the red cock. It was the first time that the red cock was beaten by another cock. And Kiko's peculiar chicken won against the red cock.
and Denouement
Kiko's brother was finally convinced that it was really a rooster and not a hen.
The chicken had other ideas. It began to quiver and Kiko's brother saw an egg on his hand.
First Person
Don't judge something just because of its physical appearance.
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