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Introducing the comms channels

No description

Tom Lind-Jackson

on 13 April 2014

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Transcript of Introducing the comms channels

Include us in your thinking and planning from the start - early discussions/listening and idea generation enables good planning and great results
Share information and knowledge of your business to guide and shape our work – we have innovative ideas and well developed expertise and experience that will be useful
Manages DOC’s core
social media communities
Provides social media guidance,
advice and support
Conservation Week 2013
Ideas, advice & refining the brief
Used local NZ illustrators who had a style that appealed to both young and old

Style of illustration would easily adapt to design of website and all campaign collateral

No sub-site – bring into doc.govt.nz

Pledge form – worked through issues

Should and can we build what is in the brief?

What’s in it for users?

Content creation/editing

Resources for staff to use externally

Harness DOC’s national suite of social media accounts
Campaign launch
The brief
The channels
Social media
Publishing/graphic design
Introducing the comms channels
> 7,000, 0000 visits (increase of 34% on 2012)

> 4,000,000 unique visitors (increase of 36% on 2012)

Average 19,000 unique visitors per day

77% recreation

Popular - tracks, campsites, Great Walks

75% NZ traffic (US and Australia 5% each)

July – Dec traffic increases steadily – summer trip planning

Desktop – 76%; Mobile – 13%; Tablet – 11%

4 web comms advisors

2 social media advisors

are all about our users

experts in usability, accessibility, integrated online experience

developer funded by the channels team sits in ISS

The team
Available to all our staff - approx. 2000 people

First point of reference for internal communications, collaboration, business tools, processes etc

70 content editors

User focused – aim for a minimum of 75% success rate

Views across the site last month: 236,818*

Frontpage stories average 1000 views p/story

Working at DOC – 4,206 views

Shared services – 1,718 views

Support services – 2,069 views

Engaging with others – 488 views

A few stats about the intranet

*Source: NetInsight, Views for the month of September 2013

The team
Graphic designers
What we do
We work on: brochures, posters, brand/campaign materials, onsite interpretation, logos, banners, web design, adverts, reports...
792 jobs completed since becoming a shared service in 2012
32 design jobs were for Conservation Week
Theme: What's your whāāanau doing?

Create a campaign that engages a wide range of New Zealanders encouraging them to make a pledge or commitment to
undertake a conservation-related activity during Conservation Week 2013
How we can
work together•

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