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The following lesson plan was elaborated using as a main source a song called "Firework" written by Katy Perry. The aim of this lesson is to raise awareness as to the importance of including poetry in

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Martin Araujo

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of The following lesson plan was elaborated using as a main source a song called "Firework" written by Katy Perry. The aim of this lesson is to raise awareness as to the importance of including poetry in

Warming up

Teacher sticks a picture of Katy Perry on the board and asks students whether they know and like her. After doing so, he writes the title of the song and asks students what do they think it stands for. Presentation -The teacher explains to students concepts related to some basic literary devices besides providing examples of them.
-Teacher hands out students sheets of paper containing the lyrics and plays the video. Practice -Teacher asks students to read the lyrics and highlight examples of literary devices. He also encourages them to make margin notes about how they feel or what think about different parts of the lyrics.
-Teacher writes on the board the definitions of some words the students may find difficult when trying to figure out their meaning. After doing so, he points out at the examples and has students repeating the sentences in a loud voice. -Teacher writes on the board some metaphors from the song and asks students to work in pairs and write short paragraphs about what they do understand when reading them

-“Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin.
Like a house of cards, one blow from caving in.”

-“'Cause baby you're a firework
Come on, show 'em what you're worth…” Production
-Teacher asks students to write a short poem or song, taking into consideration at least two literary devices. They can use the song given as a reference. The object here is to encourage the use of imagination in the development of poetic works.

-Explaining directly.
-Pair working.
-Use of imagination
-Inferring. Main Aims

-To analyze a song
-To identify literary devices when analyzing the song´s lyrics. Subsidiary Aims

-To revise basic literary analysis theory.
-To learn vocabulary related to a variety of expressions and words presented in the song.
-To write sentences and compositions. Skills

-Reading. FIREWORK Poetry My Little girl with blue eyes

Hey you! Yes, you my little girl.
How do you do to hypnotize me every time
I look into those deep blue eyes
Full of bright and sweetness?

How lovely and gorgeous they are
The depth of thousands of oceans and glimmering skies
Are melted on them, being impossible for me to avoid
Their power to dominate my senses while you foolishly
Play with my heart like a cold-wicked child.

Hey you! Yes, you. The one with savage and wild nature
Daughter of the earth and lover of the greenish forest
The goddesses are jealous of your beauty and charm
But you, with you peaceful, self-controlled but proud existence
Just stands there to make me suffer and comfort me at the same time.

Oh my little girl! You are the one who takes all my pains away
Bringing relief to this poor broken heart
Stop please! Don’t walk too fast, just stay by my side till the world ends
My little girl with deep blue eyes and wild nature
All what I can say is I LOVE YOU.
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