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Ancient Greece

No description

Rosann Jacobs-Fode

on 21 September 2015

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Transcript of Ancient Greece

Period 1 Presents a brief history of Greece...400 B.C.
Ancient Greece
Crime and Punishment
-Aesculapius, god of healing and skilled doctor
Health and Medicine
Gods and Monsters
The defeat of the Persians in 479 B.C.
Athens dominated Greece politically, economically, and culturally.
First law written by Draco - 620 B.C.
dealt with homicide -> exile
600-200 B.C.
Very large juries (100+), volunteers
Listened to both sides, then reached a verdict
Very cheap, ran by amateurs
There were many different orders (styles) of architecture, and around 400 BC the most common ones were Ionic and Doric.
First olympic games started in Greece in 776 B.C. ("Nostos")
The Greek calendar was based on the Olympiad. ("Nostos")
Very simple order
no base
20 sides to columns
Olympiad - 4 year period in between Olympic Games (Ancient)
(Donald, McKinsey, West, 127)
Long and tall
Stacked base
Strength & dignity

("Ancient Greek Legal System")
God of blacksmiths, sculptors, metallurgy, fire, and volcanoes
Symbols include tools of blacksmiths
Son of Zeus and Hera ("Hephaestus",
Worshiped in industrial centers ("Hephaestus",
Tort Laws
Harm to property/person
- The Greeks thought there was both spiritual and physical causes for ailments
Monetary payments (drachmas)
Also had housing rules -> placement ("Ancient")
Over time, more and more events were added
Very vague
408 B.C. - 93rd Olympiad
2-horse chariot race was added
-Grateful patients often left statues of their ailments
-First to discover the pulse Praxagoras of Cos was also the first to distinguish veins for arteries
Temple of Apollo at Bassae
-Treatments are usually aided by herbs and roots as well as amulets and pendants
God of sky/ruler of the gods
Thunderbolt used as weapon, shield Aegis used to create natural events
Personified laws of nature, rulers of state
Parental figure that took interest in the affairs of mortals ("Zeus",
Worshiped in different manners by various cults ("Zeus",
420-400 BC
Earliest Corinthian columns
Columns shaped like women
Family Laws
Behavior of men and women
Enforced by the head of the family
Women had "official guardian"
- Had little to do with law
Public Laws
Forbade the export of agricultural goods, except olive oil
Restricted land
Interest rates
Procedural Laws
How 2 Law 4 Dummies, basically
Instructions down to minute details
("Ancient Greek Legal System")
God of fertility and wine, patron of the arts
Dual nature, like wine
Only god with a mortal parent
Killed by Hera but revived by Rhea
Traveled spreading his cult
Important every day god
Worshiped in the woods ("Dionysus",
Daughter of Orthus and Echidna or Chimaera
Lived outside of the city Thebes, only let travelers pass if they correctly answered a riddle ("Sphinx",
-Aristotle’s belief that the heart and not the brain controlled the body
Relied on citizens to report crimes
No police force
Forms Created
Queen of gods
Married to Zeus
History of being a jealous, Vengeful, and deceitful person
Goddess of marriage and birth
Sacrificed animal :
Laws were not written until late 600 B.C.
Punishment was cruel and unusual.
Historians thought C&P to be incomprehensible.
Solon tried to change things(Crime and punishment in ancient Greece,Petechuk).
Roofed hall/promenade with solid back wall and colonnade
if you find this its too late
Enforced by foreign slaves
Slavery and Legalities
Placed against a hill where the audience could watch performances
Many stories about him, usually just a stock character.
"Messenger God"
God of barriers, protector of thieves
Son to Zeus and Maia
Goddess of love, and beauty.
Known as, "the most beautiful"
falls in love with Eros (Cupid) who is a girl.
Married to Hephaestus.
-Scalpels, hooks , forceps, and bone drills
-doctors took Hippocratic oath
-Alcohol, Aloe, Herbal teas, Honey, etc
("Law ")
Slaves could be anything
God of Wisdom.
Didn't have a mother.
Embodied of wisdom, reason, and purity.
Daughter of Zeus- came from his forehead.
Selling children = legal
Supervised by women
Price depended on qualities
Multiple uses
Brightly colored, elaborate designs
Two main garments: tunic & cloak ("Ancient")
- Greek Soldier
- Ran 25 miles (Marathon to Athens)
- 1924 - 26 miles 385 yards (The Olympic Games)

Staff of Asclepius
Caduceus' wand
Breaking wheel
Games started as a one day festival focusing mainly on wrestling and running
Built around 440 BC on ruins
228 ft x 101.5 ft
8 columns front to back
17 columns on the sides
Built of marble
Depictions of battles and Athena
-Mainly worn by the rich
-Poor went barefoot

How they are made:
-Woven palm trees
-Vegetable fiber
-Leather bands
Illegal for women,foreigners, and slaves to vote
only men legally allowed to be in the Council
In 472 B.C. it changed to a 5 day festival with a much larger variety of events
Tools and Remedies
Goddess of the hunt
Very crafty
Had to take care of Apollo because she was born a day sooner, leads to key characteristics
Twin sister to Apollo, Daughter of Zeus and Leto
New laws were debated in assembly.
On the middle day of the festival 100 oxen were killed as a sacrifice to the Gods
Ares, God of War
Son of Zeus
Brutality symbol of war
Seen as a coward.
Symbol for courage
Aphrodite affair
Symbols include the spear,boar,and the dog(Ares,
Poseidon, God of the Sea:
Brother to Zeus and Hades
Second in power to Zeus
Believed to have created the first horse to impress Demeter
Worshiped by seamen
Symbols include the horse,trident,and dolphin.(Poseidon,
Colors of Rings
- Represent 5
- No specific color
- Started in 1913 (Greg Soltis)

Natural look
Pale complexion
Cheek rouge
Many athletes also made personal sacrifices and spent much of their time praying when they weren't competing (Olympics)
Hades,God of the Underworld:

Brother to Zeus and Poseidon
Received underworld
Also known as Plouton, meaning wealth
Marred Persephone
Symbols include the pomegranate and cap of invisibility (Hades,
Only men legally allowed to be in assembly.
Pericles, the most creative and adroit statesman of the third quarter of the fifth century BC transformed the Akropolis into a lasting monument to Athen's newfound political and economic power. (Art)
Columns weigh about 32,000 lbs
34ft x 6ft x160lbs

The growing interest in realism, as well as in the idealization of the human body, can be seen in a famous early classical sculpture is called the discus thrower (Scholastic)
Greek Vase
God of Music
(Healing, Medicine, light, and truth)
He moved the sun across the sky with his four-horse chariot.
He could bring disease and plague with his arrows.
Twin sister Artemis.
Medical staffs
Men Vs. Women
Olympiad Period
Olympiad Involvement
Random Facts
jk you found it just in time
-The greek god of healing
- Resembles a fiery serpent on a stick
- Resembles a fiery serpent on a stick
-originaly the staff of Tiresias, but was later passed on to Hermes
- Represents positive and negative kundalini
Preferred Toga garments
Knee length or shorter
pouches a.k.a "Man Bag"
Flat-Brimmed Hats
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