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Sociology of Gender

No description

Madie Setelin

on 5 September 2016

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Transcript of Sociology of Gender

Sociology of Gender
Doing Gender
"Doing gender" involves engaging in activities that are socially accepted as "masculine" and "feminine".

When you view gender as an accomplishment or an achieved status, your focus turns to behavior of a person rather than their biology.
Sex Category
"Doing Gender"
What does it mean?
Roles are situated identities
Ex: A single mother can fill
both the "masculine" father
role and the "feminine" mother
Sex is what you are identified
as at birth.
It is determined either by
genitalia or chromosomal
Displays such as outfits, hair
style, and figure are assessed
to determine category.
When these displays fail, factors
like facial hair and voice are looked
at to categorize a person.
Gender is determined by feminine
or masculine behavior.
It doesn't always correlate with
a person's sex.
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