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book report for fourth quarter.

Brittany Fetterly

on 2 June 2011

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Lost in the River of Grass. SETTING PROBLEM/CONFLICT CHARACTERS CONCLUSION MAIN EVENTS Sarah has dark hair, a brother, and fairly tanned skin. Sarah was the most valued swimmer on her swim team at her old school.
Andy has dark hair and dark skin. He has a dirty appearance to him, and his mom is a midwife so she is bareley ever home. His dad is on parol, so once a month, he stays in Miami.
Teapot, a baby duckling Sarah hits with the air boat, is a mallard duck.
Mr. Vickers, Sarah's science teacher, has red hair, and wears glasses. He's taller, but not by much.
Amanda, Amanda, Brittany, and Courtney, or the AABC's; the mean girl clique at Glades Acadamey, are all very pretty with designer clothing, perfectly proper hair, and wonderful naicures and pedicures all the time. The setting of this book is the Everglades in Florida. It takes place a few weeks into the new school year. This book has a universal theme, so it could take place in the future. It could have taken place in the present, or the past. Sarah goes on a school field trip to the Everglades. While she is there, she gets bullied by Amanda, Brittany, Courtney, and Amanda, or the AABC's. On this trip, Sarah gets asked out on a date by Andy, a boy who works for the camp that they are at. Andy takes Sarah on his dad's airboat to a secluded hunting camp, about ten miles away from the nearest levi. While enjoying their peaceful date, Andy remembers he forgot to put something important back in the air boat. When Andy runs to check on the boat, it's gone. Now they have no way to get back to humanity or the city. they have two choices; walk, or stay at the horribly kept shack and wait for someone to come. Since Sarah had to lie to even go on this date, how will anybody know where she is? What will Mr. Vickers think when he arrives back at camp to check on Sarah, and she's not there? Will Andy and Sarah ever get out of the Everglades, or will they be stranded there forever? Andy asks Sarah out, Sarah says yes. Andy forgets to put the plug in the boat. Andy and Sarah are stranded in the Everglades. Andy and Sarah walk through the everglades attempting to survive. Sarah digs a scratch well. Andy and Sarah have their first kiss. Andy and Sarah reach the levi, and Andy runs dramatically to a rackety old cabin. Sarah falls down the levi, and has to swim all the to the cabin. When Sarah gets to the cabin, she eats some chili that was that was there. The next day Andy and Sarah are rescued. Sarah becomes a town legend. Sarah and Andy start dating, even though Andy is two years older than Sarah. Sarah and Andy get rescued by people who had been looking for them. Since Sarah had been biten by thousands of fire ants, got eaten by millions of misquitos, and had peeling skin from sunburn and her boots, her mom thaught she was hurt severly but really there was nothing wrong with her, or Andy. After Sarah gets used to being at home, she's hungry all time, and feels out of place. Sarah has to give up Teapot, the duckling she hit with the airboat, to the zoo. Sarah and Andy start dating, and live happily ever after. I liked this book very much because it was extremly descriptive,
and I never knew
what was about to happen that would
delay Andy and
Sarah's rescue. I
would recommend
this book to anybody
who was into
suspensful books, fictional books,
nature books, or
just into reading
books. I think this
book should be a
book read in a
literature class
because it teaches
you some survival
skills while keeping
you on the edge of
your seat. I would
give this book five
stars out of five
stars. By: Ginny Rorby The end(: Did i like this book?
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