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Middle School My Brother Is A Big Fat Liar

No description

Max Yanevich

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Middle School My Brother Is A Big Fat Liar

Middle School My Brother Is A Big Fat Liar

The characters in this book include, Rafe, Georgia, Miller (Bully), Rhonda, Missy, Sam, Nanci, Mari, Mom, Grandma and the Princess (Missy's Little Goon Squad)
Title and Author
Middle School My Brother Is A Big Fat Liar, by James Patterson
Exciting/Favorite Part
My favorite part of the book is when Georgia gets back at Missy the meanest girl in her grade by hiding herself in the stall and spilling a whole tray of pudding onto Missy while she was using the restroom.
I would recommend this book to everyone that likes to laugh and have a enjoyable reading time, I know I had one. It's a great book by a great author. I really loved this book, it was funny, action packed, and awesome.
Brief Summary Of My Book
This book was about a boy who completely trashed every rule in the schools rule book. He made his school year as fun as he can, even giving him a ranking system and points for the "challenge" of the rule. The harder, the more points he received. He was hated by every teacher in every possible classroom. He eventually succeeded in his goal, and broke every rule possible, but being suspended from school. He went to a high class art school. The problem was that he had a little sister, and she too had to go to the school Rafe, the boy trashed. Rafes sister was a top class student getting A's in every class, and every teacher gave her a hard time because they thought she was Rafes copy. So here's Georgias tough year of getting through school, because of Rafe.
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